Heroes University H Test Answers – History, Nature & Math

Looking for Heroes University H Test Answers is the first task that you need to complete in this game. After completing this mission, you will be able to unlock the next task. Before you start looking for Heroes University H Test Answers, you must learn how to unlock the next task.

How does it work?

To begin the tests, finish the prologue and report to Classroom 4 to see Angie Leiningen. You need only four out of seven accurate answers to pass each test, and you only need to pass two out of three tests to defeat her, but we will offer you the 21 correct answers.

After defeating Angie Leiningen, speak with Dominique Goldschmith about Angie Leiningen in order to obtain the maid’s attire. After one day, visit Angie Leiningen in her study room (same corridor as classroom 4)

Heroes University H Test Answers

The following sections will provide 7 accurate answers for each subject

Heroes University H Test Answers – History

  1. Pact of the rocks answer > A) Transport pact…
  2. Dance Deliah answer > c) Dance of the end
  3. End Shadow War answer > d) None of the above
  4. Battle Nursith & Deliah answer > c) Land of the dawn
  5. Hero disaster Sept 7th,1988 answer > b) Sokou the Mighty
  6. Heroes died mount Malcolm 1943 answer > a) 37
  7. First hero International organization of heroes answer > c) Dina Goldsmith

Heroes University H Test Answers – Nature

  1. Rocks to power thunder heroes answer > a) Ditania
  2. Rose of the north, not poisonous answer > a) Leaf
  3. most useful part of the tree of the sun (restoration spells) answer > a) Seed
  4. Most fertile time for electric type answer > d) None of the above (winter)
  5. the greatest strength of cat heroes answer > b) Agility
  6. How many electric heroes to change a light bulb answer > c) None: if there is…
  7. water heroes must take care of answer > a) Dehydrate

Heroes University H Test Answers – Maths

  1. Dina’s equation, time to rescue… answer > b) 3 minutes
  2. Amount of electro bullet needed are answer > a) 3
  3. Diameter of Red Bee’s smallest wing answer > c) 1,4 meters
  4. Creator of the Stamina Constant answer > b) Peter Lagoon
  5. Carlesort triangular track answer > c) 34 jumps
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