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Deepwoken is a hardcore fantasy game that was produced by Monad Studios. It has permadeath, exploration, a complex fighting system, and risk around every turn. Here we provide Deepwoken races game features and specifications.

Roblox Deepwoken Races Wiki – Chances & Stats

Take a look at all the races and their chances with their statistics

  • Adret – 18.6% Chance – 2 Charisma & 2 Willpower
  • Celtor – 18.6% Chance – 2 Intelligence & 2 Charisma
  • Etrean – 18.6% Chance –
  • Canor – 16.7% Chance – 2 Strength & 2 Charisma
  • Gremor – 14% Chance – 2 Strength & 2 Fortitude
  • Felinor – 9.3% Chance – 2 Agility & 2 Charisma
  • Khan – 9.3% Chance – 2 Strength & 2 Agility
  • Vesperian – 7% Chance – 2 Fortitude & 2 Willpower
  • Capra – 2.3% Chance – 2 Intelligence & 2 Willpower
  • Ganymede – 2.3% Chance – 2 Intelligence & 2 Willpower
  • Lightborn – Unobtainable – +5 to any Stat, 2 Agility, & 2 Intelligence
  • Celestial – Unobtainable – ??
  • Primal Vesperian – Unobtainable – ??

Passive Skills

Passive skills in this game are the following:

  • Adret – Has a better starting reputation with actions and autodidact.
  • Celtor – 10% Extra Health on Ships and Ships are not expensive when purchasing one.
  • Etrean – Decreases the effect time of status effects.
  • Canor – Decreases the damage that your team receives.
  • Gremor – Gains a Compass and loses hunger slower than normal.
  • Felinor – Increases Stealth and allows for better parkouring – climbing) on wooden surfaces.
  • Khan – You learn how to use new pieces of equipment than others. You can equip things at 3 points lower than required.
  • Vesperian – Gives player extra armor. You also wear a mask but you can’t take off.
  • Capra – Either increases the amount of food gained when eating, improves rest by those near you, or improves your sanity.
  • Ganymede – Gains resistance from sanity.
  • Lightborn – Takes less damage from Acid Rain. This race is currently unobtainable.


Each race has been described as follows:

  • Adret – They are distinguished by their light blue skin and irregular eye markings. The abilities of races are unknown.
  • Celtor – Demstormz was this race in the qna
  • Etrean – A race distinguished by its contempt towards other races, especially the few beasts. Can be identified by their snake-like eyes, their white skin, and their white hair. Currently, racial abilities are unknown.
  • Canor – Dog-based
  • Gremor – Deer-horned pariahs who lived a peaceful life as nomads before the tides came. Tolerant of extremes that many others would avoid
  • Felinor – cat-based
  • Khan – Monkey-based
  • Vesperian – A mysterious race signified by a sinister mask. Racial ability unknown.
  • Capra – Goat-based
  • Ganymede – A race characterized by pitch black skin and strange names. Racial ability unknown. This race was named after one of Jupiter’s Moons. Beetle-based
  • Lightborn – Lightborns spawn with halo(s) naturally, which can be around the hands, neck or over their head. Each of their eyes has a blue cross.

All About Roblox Deepwoken Races Wiki

The game Deepwoken is very challenging and features permanent character death. It is normal and to be anticipated for players to lose characters as they go through the game. Explore the mysteries of this crumbling universe as you search for your place in the afterlife on a sea that will not forgive you.

Learn how to adjust your powerful skills, identify your own set of talents, and shape your character into a formidable opponent as you progress through the game. Make every effort to get away from the terrifying things that are waiting for you just below the surface of the water. No matter what you decide to do, the tale of your life will be shared.



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