Best Hollow Knight Charms

In this post we have been in charge of categorizing for Hollow Knight best charms according to their usefulness. It does not mean that the first ones on the list are completely useless, as we will explain, each one can be used in some specific situation.

What is true is that the last enchantments are potentially more useful and powerful than the first ones. In total there are 45 charms in the game, in HD gamers we take care of categorizing them and explaining the usefulness of ALL .

At the end of the article you will also find a tutorial with the location, so you can learn where to find the amulets or charms in Hollow Knight.

The weakest, or unhelpful charms:

Heavy Blow:

Best Charms Hollow Knight

We put it at the bottom of our top, for occupying two spaces for charms and being really ineffective against meele enemies. The recoil it will cause your attackers is really very little. It will leave you exposed to most of the battles by depriving yourself of two complete spaces that could be much better used.

Void Heart:

Best Hollow Knight Charms

It has practically no benefit to your game, it only unlocks alternate endings. It does not occupy any amulets box, it is the only reason it is not at the bottom of the list.


Weak artifacts

The problem is that it occupies 5 enchantment spaces, for the small amount of soul that it gives you, it is not worth this accumulation.

Carefree Melody:

Best Artifacts

Personally, we found no reason to use this amulet, it will remove 3 spaces for charms and will offer you in return some very low probability of protecting you from harm. Not recommended.


best charms

This charm is really useful in the White Palace, especially if you’re running out of soul. For the rest of the scenarios, we do not recommend taking this amulet into account.

Baldur Shell:

Best charms in Hollow Knigth

It doesn’t improve your defense enough to request 2 amulet spaces.d There are better deals you can get with other defensive charms. If it is the only amulet of the style you have, you can use it in conditions where you deserve defense.

Stalwart Shell:

Best Hollow KNIGTH charms

It will work against the first bosses of the game, but then you will need to replace it with another more powerful charm.

Useful charms:

Joni’s Blessing:

Hollow Knight Charms

This charm is really useful against bosses who are very fast, like the Nightmare King Grimm. The problem is that it occupies many spaces.

Sprint Master:

Hollow Knight charms

It will be useful until you get its most powerful version, the “Super Dash”

Dash Master:

Dash Master

Very good to use in combination with other charms until you get Super Dash.

Dream Wielder:

Dream Wielder

A really useful item, you can use to sleep weak enemies and recover in quick pauses.



It is useful to defeat difficult bosses, like Watcher Knights, you will have to use it in combination with Glowing Womb.

Glowing Womb:

Glowing Womb

Excellent for defeating complicated bosses, especially in combination with Weaversong or Defender’s Crest.

Sharp Shadow:

Sharp Shadow

This item is especially useful when you don’t have enough confidence to face a powerful enemy in Melee mode.

Spore Shroom:

Spore Shroom

A very useful and efficient item when exploring the map.

Good charms to match:

Lifeblood Heart:

Lifeblood Heart

This is useful if you want to use a tank style play style, combining it with Lifeblood Core.

Lifeblood Core:

Lifeblood Core

An upgraded version of the previous charm, you can combine them too.

Shape of Unn:

Shape of Unn

Although there are better options that take up two spaces for charms, this is an efficient one if you haven’t gotten any better yet. You can pair it with B. Shell ..

Grubberfly’s Elegy:

Grubberfly's Elegy

This amulet is extremely useful, although very difficult to use. You need to be very knowledgeable about the game if you intend to wear it. The first hit you take will lose its effect. It will especially favor you to face level bosses that are slow and can attack them from a distance.

Defender’s Crest:

Would be WAY higher on the list if Flukenest didn't receive a huge nerf

A defensive and powerful amulet, it could be higher on our top if not because Flukenest exists.

Soul Eater:

Soul Eater

Although it takes up too many charm spaces, this item is worth combining with spells.

Wayward Compass:

Wayward Compass

An essential amulet for the first time you play , later it becomes obsolete. So it is not among the top of the list.

Steady Body:

Steady Body

One of the game’s most underrated charms, it’s so high on our list because it gives you an accurate game style with just one occupied amulet slot.

Deep Focus:

Deep Focus

It works well for exploring map areas for the first time and cautiously. If you are already more familiar with the game it will not do you much good.



It is not in our top 5 solely because with the new modifications of the game they have almost eliminated the usefulness of the item, but it is still vital to defeat the Hollow Knight.

Top 5 charms of Hollow Knight:

Quick Focus (TOP 5):

Quick Focus

A charm that you will always want to have with you. There is not a single section of the game where this item is not useful to you. When exploring, facing enemies or facing level bosses his recovery capacity is incomparable, you can even recover while some bosses are attacking you

Quick Slash (Top 4):

Quick Slash

For us the most powerful amulet in the entire game, is not at the top of the list because it will take time to find it, but using it you will be able to defeat any boss. Your new attack speed will be completely epic as long as you have it equipped. It is probably the item that makes the most difference in your style of play.

Fragile Strength (Top 3):

Fragile Strength

The charm that gives you more attack throughout the game . You get it at half the total progress, so it’s really useful. If you equip it you have to be skillful enough not to die and lose it.

Unbreakable Strength (Top 2):

Unbreakable Strength

It works exactly the same as Fragile Strength, only it never breaks.

Furry of the Fallen, the best Hollow Knight charm:

Furry of the Fallen

By far it is the best charm or amulet you can find in the game. You will get it in the first 10 minutes of the game and it will be convenient to have it always equipped, will be your main tool to defeat dozens of bosses and enemies in general. It gives you 165% more damage if you combine it with any other mask.

Where to find the best charms:

How we promised you, here is the best video tutorial we could find with the location of the best charms in the game.

Do you agree with our Hollow Knight best charms guide? What item would you change your position?



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