House Flipper: Secret Achievements

The future is in the hands of technology; and in a way, of video games. Such is the case of House Flipper , an entertaining construction game for lovers of remodeling and decoration. And here, in Let’s talk about Gamers we bring you the list of all the secret achievements in house flipper.

Game Over

  • Finish the game. To do this, you have to sell all the houses once.
  • After having sold all the houses once, you can buy / sell any house as often as you want.
  • You don’t lose your skills.


  • You have to lift a car with your hands in the air and the achievement will unlock!

Estate Agent

  • Junior real estate agent / Real estate agent / Senior real estate agent 10/20/50 houses

Note: if 80 houses were sold before activating the trial version, you already have the 3 achievements in a second


To unlock it, you just have to hit the hammer against a car in a garage.


You only have to earn 1 million euros

Note: If your currency is not set in euros, you may have to earn more or less than 1 million to get this achievement.

We advise you to obtain this achievement until after finishing the game

Knock , knock

Buy the “Huckster House”. To do this, just knock on the door (front) with your hammer.


  • Trade for at least 50,000 euros and win
  • An easy way to negotiate 50k is to sell a bunker to Lonewolf37

Easy way to get the Achievement

  • Buy the “House that hides something”.
  • Go to the house, go down the stairs and break the wall on the left, next to the junction box.
  • Sell everything in the secret room (armchair, sideboard and valuable painting).
  • Sell the house later.
  • You will get a profit of $ 60,000 – $ 65,000 in less than 2 minutes.
  • Repeat everything until you have enough money.

You do it wrong

  • Hit a cockroach with your hammer.
  • If the cockroach disappears, you killed her.
  • There should be a suggestion that you should use a vacuum cleaner instead.

Make sure there is no option to use the vacuum while using the hammer (it should not be possible to press the E button)

You do it wrongs tips

  • Buy the “Garage with a bunker”
  • With the hammer equipped, place the pointer or point between the tiles and the equipment aspiration option should disappear, crush.

Now you have all the tricks to achieve all the secret achievements in house flipper. Now go and become the best real estate agent in the multi-universe gamer with House Flipper.

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