Sakura Clicker: How to enable the mod for over 18 years?

Surely you are tired of looking for a mods sakura clicker without the desired success. Don’t worry anymore since Let’s talk about Gamers brings you the trick to activate the best hentai mod for Sakura Clicker for over 18 years.

What do I need?

Having the mod for over 18 years of Sakura Clicker is so easy that you only need the following elements:

  • WinRar : To create / extract a copy of Sakura Clicker
  • QuickBMS: It is the importer of files
  • Real nude mod

How do I install it in my folder?

  1. Start “WinRar”.
  2. Locate your Steam games folder (most likely ‘C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Sakura Clicker) or by right clicking on’ Sakura Clicker ‘in your Steam library; Properties; Local archives; Browse local files.
  3. Right click on “Sakura Clicker”.
  4. Click on “Extract here” (this will create a new folder called “Sakura Clicker”)
  5. Rename the original “Sakura Clicker” to “Sakura Clicker Backup” if you want to back up your data.
  6. Go to the newly created folder and rename “Tap Dungeon” to “Sakura Clicker”.
  7. Crop all files in the created folder.
  8. Paste them in the original “Sakura Clicker” folder and delete the newly created one to avoid the confusion of the automatic update with Steam.
  9. Drag and drop the extracted files (the files into the extracted folders) from “patchv1.3” and “quickbms” into the game folder.

How do I install the mod?

  1. Run “install_patch.bat”
  2. A command message will appear.
  3. Type “y” if requested.
  4. Let the patch do its thing and wait until it closes.

If you followed each step to the letter, the folder should look like this:

mods sakura clicker

And this is all you need to know to install the mods sakura clicker . It only remains to enjoy an extraordinary hentai adventure with Sakura Clicker .

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