How long is Mass Effect 1

The Mass Effect franchise is known for making major decisions that can affect the trilogy. In Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, this goes even further, as decisions made in each game will influence the amount of war assets and effective military strength in the third game ending. Of course, some decisions simply lead to interesting dialogue and situations in the sequels. , so it pays to be vigilant.

Let’s take a look at the different decisions you can make in Mass Effect 1 and their effects.

A less bumpy Mako ride

Damn, it feels good to be back in Normandy.

Launching Mass Effect Legendary Edition for the first time last week, I felt waves of emotions. The duel of nostalgia and wonder at seeing this, all of this, in one package hit me on the head. I’ve played the entire trilogy multiple times, and most of the time the first game; However, starting here, in 2021, in the Legendary Edition, I couldn’t help but feel a little warm at the thought of returning to Normandy once more.

Engineers are Mass Effect’s version of a pet/support class

Engineers are a bit of an odd class compared to the other specialization options in Mass Effect. If you’re looking to compare them to more “traditional” RPG classes, I’d say Engineers combine elements of pet-based hunters and support characters.

In combat, Engineers rely primarily on their hacking abilities to disrupt certain enemies (and pit them against each other), as well as a variety of drone assistants that essentially serve as additional teammates. They’re also pretty much the best “healer” class in the game (although some of their abilities actually offer extra defensive options and fast cooldowns).

Mass Effect 1

The first game in the series is the shortest of the three in terms of its main single player campaign, taking around 18 hours to complete. If you want to clear all the side quests and DLC content as well, you’re looking at around 30 hours of playtime, and for all you achievement hunters out there, you can easily hit the 45 hour mark.

While Mass Effect 2 has a longer story, resulting in more hours spent on the campaign itself, the DLC and overall side content for this game is much shorter. That said, expect to spend around 25 hours to complete the main game, around 36 hours for all the side content, and a little over 50 hours if you’re trying to get to 100%, including achievements and trophies.

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