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When Pokémon Journeys turned out to be a sort of “around the world” story where Ash and his new partner Goh traveled the Pokémon world (through regions we’d been to before) to research, battle, and capture Pokemon. , many were curious to see who from Ash’s past might show up. Indeed, we’ve seen it all, from former rivals like Gary to former Gym Leaders from Johto, Sinnoh, and beyond, as well as former teammates returning to show how they’ve grown. Like with Iris, Dawn and the Alola team. But now it’s been confirmed that the most anticipated meeting in Pokémon history may return. While Serena returns.

For those who don’t remember, Serena was one of Ash’s companions during the XYZ anime saga. Her character was much more unique than her in-game counterparts, and her journey through the world of Pokémon quizzes was not only mature, but easily one of the most in-depth stories Pokémon has ever done. But her journey “ended” with this anime of her…kissing Ash. So you can understand why so many people wanted to see her again in Pokemon Journeys.

Pokémon: Ash’s future is in the hands of Serena

Not explicitly stated in the anime, but given his status as a rookie Pokémon trainer and his previous interactions with Ash, it’s most likely is that he is 10 years old. years. year. That being said, he is based on one of the rival characters from Pokemon X&Y, who claims to be older than the other new trainers in the player character. Therefore, it is possible that she is a few years older than Ash. Since the teenage characters are much taller than Ash, it is likely that she is, at most, a few years older than him or the same age.

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Pokémon the Series: XY

Here’s a list of key events from Serena’s XY anime timeline.

Here is a list of key events from the timeline of Serena’s XY Kalos Quest anime.

Year 0

The first episode of the Pokémon anime aired in Japan on April 1, 1997.

In Japanese culture, the school year begins on the same day , so it seems logical that Shudo co-located the cars leaving Palette Town on April 1st.

Who is Serena in Pokémon?

Serena is a beautiful and brave learner Pokémon. She is from the Kalos region and her dream is to be the queen of Kalos. She met Ash during the trip, where he helped her through her difficult times. From then on, Seren loved Ash and would often blush when she talked to him. Serena is also very good at cooking, fishing, and dancing in Pokémon battles. Her family did not support her in Pokémon Journey at first. Later, after realizing her talent, they also began to accept and encourage Serena.

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