How To Get a Time Cube In Raise a Floppa?

How To Get a Time Cube In Raise a Floppa?

How To Get a Time Cube In Raise a Floppa?

The time cube is a cube that, despite being white, illuminates a subtle shade of blue. It can be used to purchase either the Time Machine or the Mysterious Orb in The Interwebs, both of which unlock the endings. But take caution disable autosave and save before making any purchases. Join again after receiving an ending to apply it to the other one; otherwise, you will have to replay the entire game. There are several possible outcomes as you raise your Floppa in Raise a Floppa to a position close to the deity. You must locate the Time Cube in order to obtain two of these endings, the Eternity ending and the Home end. 

The Mysterious Orb and the Time Machine can only be obtained by using the Time Cube, which is a very expensive item in the game. By purchasing the Altar from a virtual computer and raising Faith to its highest level, the Time Cube can be obtained. We’ll explain where to look for the Time Cube in Raise a Floppa in this guide.

Methods of getting a Time Cube in Raise A Floppa

There are currently two methods to get a time cube: Backrooms & OG Floppa:


If you escape from the backroom without losing a single life, you will be rewarded with a Time Cube. This is possibly the simplest way to acquire a Time Cube. Since it is pretty simple and quick to finish, even though it is difficult to escape without dying.

In case you are interested, we leave you some basic indications to be able to escape:

  • To enter the outside, players must obtain the key.
  • So to obtain a key, make your floppa between the ages of 5 and 7.
  • The door then swings open and shut.
  • The bright orange box will then show up.
  • Within the orange box will be the key.

OG Floppa

If you speak with the OF Floppa, reach 100% confidence (altar), climb the OG Floppa, and defeat its Obby, you will be rewarded with a Time Cube. This alternate approach is not in any way impractical. But there is no doubt that this one is longer and harder than the prior one. Select the Time Cube retrieval method that appeals to you the most, or try both and see which you prefer. If you want our advice, though, we think the first approach to escaping without dying is simpler.

What to do in Raise a Floppa to get the Altar?

In addition to purchasing NPCs like the Bigfootjinx, who drops Bones for Chop to eat, you can also purchase goods for your Floppa that have a more focused use. You can purchase the Altar from the in-game computer’s virtual store. Money can be given to the Altar by players. The Altar’s Faith will rise by 4% after each successful contribution. The Altar costs $500 and may be purchased via the in-game virtual computer’s store.

How to increase Faith in Raise a Floppa?

Each time you donate successfully to the Altar, its Faith will increase by 4%. You need to have the sufficient donation amount required to ensure the donation is successful. In order to increase Faith as quickly as possible, simply donate as much as you can to the Altar. In total, it will cost $16,000,000 to reach 100% Faith in the Altar. Once you have reached maximum Faith, your Floppa will grow wings and increase their hunger level to 200. At the Altar, you will also get the option to Ascend and obtain the Time Cube.

Raise a Floppa: How to get the Time Cube?

When you approach your Altar after reaching your highest level of Faith, you will have the choice to ascend. You can talk with the Elder Floppa by clicking Ascend, which will take you to a white hall. They will speak for a moment before opening the door to the vault, where the Time Cube is located.

Behind a series of kill-bricks painted red is where the Time Cube is housed. To obtain the Time Cube, you must safely leap up and navigate around these red lines. After that, you must cautiously return to the entrance. Elder Floppa will then teleport you home at that point. The Time Cube is now yours, so there!

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