How to get Coins in Pokémon Go | Short Guide

Getting coins in Pokémon Go used to be an extremely complicated task. With the latest updates, Niantic offers its players new methods to get them for free and thus improve your performance as a trainer.

How to get Coins in Pokemon Go?

You can get Coins in Pokémon Go by defending Gyms with your Pokémon. You can also get them by doing Excellent, Great and Nice Throw, Evolving Pokémon, using Berry to catch a Pokémon, taking a Snapshot of your buddy, Catching pokémon, Transfering Pokémon, Winning a Raid and giving Power up to your Pokémon.

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What is the fastest way to get coins in Pokémon?

  • Defending a Gym
  • Catching pokémon (easiest way)
  • Making Nice, Great and Excellent Throw
  • Evolving Pokémon
  • Using Berries
  • Taking Snapshots
  • Transfer Pokémon
  • Winning Raids
  • Powering Up your Pokémon

Below we share with you a video that shows all the existing methods to get Free Coins in Pokémon Go.

We hope this Short Guide has been useful to you.

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