How to get element in Ark

You can also farm item fragments in Fjordur. This is a moderately dangerous method, as you have to fly into a cave within several caves to harvest them. One is in the Wyvern Trench and once you have cleared the Magmasaur cave you can collect the Element Shards with your Ankylosaurus. It is moderately dangerous because the Wyverns can follow you into the cave, but also because there are Magmasaurs, Golems and other small creatures that want to make your life miserable. But once you take them out, you can relax and farm Element Shards. These can later be made into a complete item on a replicator. So it’s not good to farm at first to create a replicator, but it’s useful later on when you convert the shards and then use them as an item.

You can also collect elemental shards in smaller amounts from the aberration cave and the elemental ore underwater cave, which I’ll talk about later. Just hit the normal rocks around you and they should drop a small amount of shards.

Item Uses

The item requires powering up some Tek structures like Tek Replicator or Tek Generator and weapons like Tek Rifle, Tek Sword, etc.

The following items can be crafted with the item:

Farming Item Powder

Tek mobs are hard to find on the Lost Island map. This of course makes it quite difficult to farm Element Dust. The most common Tek creature that spawns seems to be the Tek Stego though, mostly around the green obelisk area.

If you navigate to 56.3, 53.8, you’ll find a lot of Stegos. Just kill a Tek Stego and then pick it up with the chainsaw to get Element Dust.

How to craft an item in Ark Survival Evolved

You can easily craft the item yourself. Depending on the map you are playing, you have different ways to get Element. On all maps, however, you can craft items from item shards in TEK Replicator:

  • 100x item shards = 1x item

Farm Element Dust

) Unfortunately you can’t farm item dust on the Ragnarok map, but the good thing is that item dust can be transferred from different servers like Genesis to Ragnarok which can then be converted into items or shards of elements simply by letting them spoil. Elemental Dust can easily grow from any structure in the city, such as benches, lamps, and tables.

Tek mobs found in various places throughout the Ragnarok map can give you Element Dust which can then be converted into Elements or Element Shards. This creature can be found on the western side of the map in areas like Viking’s Bay, Oluf Jungle, and SW. Meanwhile, you can find Titanosaur in the Deathsands area of ​​the Ragnarok map.



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