How to make a chest in Minecraft

To create a chest in Minecraft, you must first have at least eight planks of wood in your inventory. You need eight of them to craft a chest. If you don’t have enough, cut down some trees and make planks out of the logs. Next, you need to open your artboard by right-clicking on it (Java) or by tapping on it (Bedrock). Once inside, you will see a 3×3 grid larger than the normal 2×2 grid in the player inventory.

Craft a chest using the in-game workbench screenshot

How to make a Minecraft Ender chest


An Ender Chest is an interdimensional storage system. Once created you can store all sorts of items in there and then using another Ender Chest you can access the same inventory. This can be very useful when you travel to different worlds in the game. So, to create your own ender chest in the game, follow these steps:

How to Craft a Boat from a Chest in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

To Craft a Boat from a Chest in Minecraft , you will need the following items:

  1. A chest, which you can craft using 8 planks of wood on a crafting table. Arrange the wooden planks in a ring around the grid while keeping the center square empty. You can use any type of board besides Crimson and Warped.
  2. A ship, which you craft using 5 planks of wood at a workbench. Place the wooden planks in a “U” shape at the bottom of the rack. If you’re playing Minecraft Bedrock or the Education Edition, you’ll also need a wooden shovel in the center square.

How to use a chest

Before you can store something inside a chest, you must place it. After that, make sure that the area above the chest is clear. If this area is not clear, you cannot open it. Each chest will give you 27 storage space slots. This is the same number of slots you have in your inventory (excluding the 9 hotbar slots). You can open a chest from any angle, so you don’t have to stand in front of it to access its contents.

If you place 2 chests next to each other while facing the same direction, they will merge into one big chest. A large chest has 54 storage slots, which is double that of a normal chest. These are the containers with the most storage space in the game

How do I use a chest?

Chest in Minecraft

  • Players can right click on a chest to open it and it has 27 storage slots in a small chest and 54 slots in the large chest.
  • To move items, players can drag and drop them from the chest to their inventory. Shift-click also works the same way.
  • If the object is stacked, players can move everything by double-clicking Shift.
  • A chest cannot be opened if there is a block on it or if a cat is sitting on it.
  • Players can also use a chest to add inventory space on donkeys, llamas, and mules.

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