How to make a bow in The Forest

In this guide you will learn how to get the modern bow in the forest. You need to follow the steps explained in the guide to get the modern bow.

All you need is a respirator and a climbing ax to get it. If you have any, look for the Cave of the Abyss.

Making a bow and arrow in the forest

Making your first bow is easy and can be done by combining 1 stick, 1 cloth and 1 thread. You should already have sticks for hitting bushes, and most of the cloth can be picked up from suitcases. Just open your backpack where you will find the crafting mat to start crafting.

As for the rope, the easiest place to find it would be to head to the cannibal camps. They usually have them inside tents hanging from the ceiling. You can combine ingredients by right clicking on them in your backpack. Once you have a recipe ready to craft, click on the gear icon in the center of the backpack. Below you can see the bow crafting recipe.

Create an arrow in the forest

A bow is nothing more than a centerpiece if you don’t have arrows to shoot. A total of two different materials are needed to craft a basic arrow.

  • 1 Stick – As mentioned before, cut down small bushes or small, thin trees to get sticks.
  • 5 Feathers – You can easily collect feathers from any bird. Killing a single bird will give you 3-5 feathers. If you are not a fan of killing innocent virtual birds, you can always collect the fallen feathers from caves and under trees.

Evaluate Your Bow and Arrow Making Strategy

Here are some valuable steps and tips to help you create a bow and arrow:

) How to find and get a modern bow

To find a modern bow, you need to go to cave #7. The route to the bow is the same as to the door in the karstic break. In a large cave guarded by Virginia, a very dangerous mutant that looks like a spider, you need to turn right. At the bottom of the cave there will be a hole under water. You need to dive there and emerge near the shop. To swim, you will need to put on a rebreather. When you exit near the store, there will be a modern bow on the boxes nearby.

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