How to make a lead in Minecraft

You can find slime in the slime biome which are green colored species mainly available at the water’s edge and killing them will give you 2 pieces of slime ball as shown.

How to make a track in Minecraft

To make tracks in Minecraft Bedrock and Java Editions, you must create them using a crafting table. The items won’t fit in your 2×2 inventory build space. To craft a leash, you need four ropes and a ball of slime. You can use cables to bind passive animals and some monsters. With the leash, you can tie it around a fence post to keep the animal close or attach the leash to let the animal follow you. If you play Minecraft Education Edition, you can also mine latex, dye, and helium to make balloons.

How to create a track in Minecraft

A player can connect to a mob to move it. The other end of the leash can be tied with a fence to tie up the mob and make sure they don’t get away. Now, let’s dig in to understand how to explore how to create leads in Minecraft.

Now let’s look at the following supported platforms: PC/Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. However, it does not support Windows 10 and Pocket Edition. These are the platforms, where the lead is available.

What you need to make a strap

To make a strap, you will need 4 ropes and 1 Slimeball. On a workbench, place the string in the left half, top left, and top middle slots before placing 1 more in the bottom right. After that, place a Slimeball in the middle and you will get 2 hints accordingly.

You’ll probably get most of your thread as spider drops that you fend off at night. These multi-legged monsters drop between 0 and 2 strings when killed. The availability of regular spiders makes it easy to grow String.

Getting a Chain

The chain can be pretty easy to find, but you usually have to fight a bit to get it! I have detailed some of the ways to get it below.

If you’re near a deserted mine, then you might find a lot of them. The mines usually contain quite a few cobwebs, and they can be harvested by hitting them with a sword! If you have a badlands/savanna biome nearby, you can almost always find at least one mine in the area! You’ll want to be careful though, cave spiders have spawners in the caves, so keep an eye out for them!

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