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Project Slayers is an anime-themed game, which is based on Demon Slayer, gives you the option of supporting or opposing mankind. You can create a character in the world of Demon Slayers, an immensely popular anime and manga, in the action role-playing fighting game Roblox Project Slayers. We’ll let you know where to find the Trello so you can get all the information you require about the game.

Games like Project Slayers on Roblox typically have a Trello link that is jam-packed with information like update logs, codes, beginner advice, quests, and much more. Let’s look at how you can get to everything.

Project Slayers Trello Link and Wiki Guide

You may visit the Project Slayers Trello link here for information on the game’s main locales, goods, weapons, Demon Blood Arts, Races, Breaths, and other features.

Trello Link & Wiki – Project Slayers:

Human Quest Givers List

  • Betty
  • Poma
  • Sarah
  • Membere Mekonen
  • Somi
  • Grandpa Wagwon
  • Grandpa Shiron
  • Kurake
  • Tomi

Human NPCs

  • Horse Guy
  • Mark
  • Naratia
  • Kenzie
  • Jeph
  • Rina
  • Tony
  • Mercy

Map Locations

  • Zapiwara Cave
  • Wind Trainer
  • Danagerous Woods
  • Waroru Cave
  • Ushumaru Village
  • Starter Village (Kiribating Village)
  • Zapiwara Mountain
  • Abubu Cave
  • Kabiwaru Village
  • Ouwbayashi Home
  • Butterfly Mansion
  • Slasher Demon


Demon Weapons

  • Claws

Human/Slayer Weapons

  • Golden Katana
  • Tomioka’s Katana
  • Water Katana
  • Shinobu’s Katana
  • Green Katana
  • Lightning Katana
  • Sanemi’s Katana

Demon Arts

  • Reaper Art
  • Tamari Ball Art
  • Arrow Art
  • Blood Explosion Art

Breathing Styles

  • Wind Breathing
  • Thunder Breathing
  • Water Breathing
  • Insect Breathing


  • Humans
  • Slayers
  • Demons
  • Hybrids


Demon Bosses

  • Hand Demon
  • Nezuko
  • Yahaba
  • Slasher Demon
  • Sasumaru

Slayer Bosses

  • Shiron
  • Sabito
  • Zanegutsu Kuuchie
  • Giyuu
  • Sanemi

Human Bosses

  • Zuko
  • Kaden


Mythic Clans

  • Tomioka

Uncommon Clans

  • Kaneki
  • Terauchi
  • Nakahara
  • Takada

Legendary Clans

  • Kocho
  • Shinazugawa


  • Kamado
  • Agatsuma

Rare Clans

  • Kanamori
  • Kanzaki
  • Urokodaki
  • Ubuyashiki
  • Hagenezuka


This only scratches the surface; be sure to look at Trello, which is full of all the information you need to know about the game. Through this Project Slayers Trello Link and Wiki, you can learn more about bosses, clans, game mechanics, etc.



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