How to make a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

If you made it to this article, you may need to convert a zombie villager to a regular villager, or you may want to use the potion for some other purpose that you may have learned about. Either way you are in the ideal place to learn how to make a potion of weakness in Minecraft.

Preparing this potion is not as complicated as everyone thinks it is, only that many pages do not know how to explain the process well.

Here we tell you step by step, with the necessary ingredients, in order.

Ingredients for a potion of weakness in Minecraft

To create this anti zombie potion and weaken a creature, or to play a prank on a friend you will need to have:

  • Three glass bottles.
  • Sugar.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Spider eye.
  • Gunpowder
  • Red stone.

Getting sugar is easy, you will have to go to the edges of some island, find sugar cane and refine it.

You can look for mushrooms in a mine in the rufest forest.

Finally you must wait for night to kill a spider and hopefully give you an eye.

The rest of the ingredients are easy to find.

How to prepare a potion of weakness

It consists of two steps, the first is to create a fermented eye. For this you will have to craft the sugar, the mushroom and the spider eye in any order.

The second is to use the fermented eye to create the potion using the glass bottles filled with water. In case it doesn’t work and you can’t add the fermented eye to the positions, try adding a “wart to” first and then the fermented eye.

Once you add the fermented eye you will get your positions of weakness. But they’re not ready, right? Why would you want to take a position of weakness?

Now you need to upgrade your potion to make it throwable instead of drinkable.

How to improve a potion of weakness

Once you have the potion ready, you can add the red stone first. This will make its effect last much longer.

Originally the effect of a potion of weakness in Minecraft lasts 1.30 minutes, but with the red stone it will last 4 minutes.

Finally, you only have to add gunpowder to make it launchable. This process will take one minute from the duration, so you will end up with a 3-minute super potion that can be thrown.

In addition to inflicting weakness on your opponents or friends, such a potion works to turn zombie villagers back to normal.

Once you throw the potion at a zombie villager they should start to shake, after 10 minutes they should transform into a regular villager.

With this you have already learned how to make a potion of weakness in Minecraft like a pro, improved and launchable.

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