Missed Messages: Endings – Complete Guide

Both in life and in video games, finding love is not an easy task. Even more so when you don’t know how to make the best decisions in your relationships. But do not worry if you do not have how to practice, since in this guide of Missed Messages Finals you will know a great variety of possibilities that can be useful later.

Initial advice

The first thing you should know is that there are several ways to get the most Final Missed Messages . But HDGamers will bring you only the dialog options that we check are working.

In addition, in Missed Messages there are the so-called achievements that, you will only unlock them when leaving the game. So you have to be very aware of the dialogues you come across.

Missed Ending

It is the first of the Final Missed Messages you will meet in the game. Next, we tell you how to overcome it.

  • Click on your laptop.
  • Accept the message. (Continue pressing accept on all your messages after this.)
  • “Send meme back”.
  • “Working but I can’t focus”.
  • “Let’s see the makeup”.
  • “You are the cutest”.
  • “Yes”.
  • Close your laptop.
  • “Why”.
  • “Goodbye”.
  • “Let the time pass”.
  • “Yes”.
  • Click on your phone.
  • Click on the door.
  • Open the door or call the police, you choose.

If you open the door, it’s not particularly bloody, but it’s not nice either.


  • Missed
  • Forgive Ending: To obtain this achievement, follow the same instructions as the “Lost” ending above in your second game.

Hope Ending

  • Click on your laptop.
  • Accept the message.
  • “Go back to work”.
  • Continue clicking “return to work” until you hear voices from next door.
  • Click on the door. (The one in front of you).
  • Listen.
  • Go back to your laptop and click “go back to work” until you are quiet behind the door.
  • Knock on the door.
  • “Hang”.
  • “Take a break”.
  • “Heaven”.
  • “How are you?”.
  • “What do you mean?”
  • “Things you enjoy”.
  • “I will help you”.
  • “Let the time pass”.
  • Go to the bathroom by clicking on the hall door.
  • Click May.
  • “Are you really okay?”.
  • “Hug”.
  • Either option.

Achievements: hope

For him, just follow the same instructions as for the ending “ Hope ” above, but during the scene in the bathroom, click “ OK ” when May says it has to go.

When the option to text or ignore it appears, click “text”. With this, you will unlock the survivor achievement.

Now that you know everything you need to overcome the Final Missed Messages , all that remains is to get out into the ring and find love and fun.

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