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If you are looking for the thrill of spearheading a great platform adventure. Katana Zero will undoubtedly be your best option and in HDGamers we bring you the best guide Katana Zero to unlock the government laboratory with which you will open one of the most entertaining and challenging levels in the game.

What do I need?

To achieve unlock the government lab in Katana Zero. You need to collect a total of 5 keys. Each of them unlocks a new weapon in the Government Laboratory .

The keys are:

  • Prism key
  • Master key
  • Phoenix key
  • Savant key
  • P rototype key .

This Katana Zero Unlock Government Lab guide will show you the way to get each one.

However, we have to tell you that, at the moment, there is no way to open the back door of the laboratory. We will see what future updates have in store for us.

So it’s time to start the journey to collect each one in Katana Zero and unlock government lab .

Katana Zero Prism Key

The first key you can find is the Prism Key . The reason is quite simple, she is at the beginning of the game.

To have the chance to find it, you only have to choose the first mission, the one titled Factory. After that, a series of scenes will begin to play.

When the scenes are over and the game resumes, you’ll find yourself here.

Katana Zero unlock government lab

Once you can move. Go and jump to the building on the right, then on the left. We advise you to use the attack option to have more momentum in your jump. Only then can you easily reach the top of the building.

If you want to know that you managed to make the jump in the right direction. Below we show you an image of how you should be at that moment in the game.

If you got to this point, walk to the second corpse, the one closest to the wall. In it you will find the Prism key.

Katana Zero Master Key

Continuing on our way, after you find the Prism key. Next on the list is the Master Key.

To start the search for this key, you have to ask for the second mission, that of Hotel . At this point we cannot give you any kind of shortcut since there are none. So you will have to go up to the top floor of the Hotel by your own means.

Once you reach it, you will find a closed door. When you take it down you will start a scene too much, it will be quite long so we recommend that you be patient.

When you enter the last room, you will find a rather strange statue, and ugly too. But, you have to take it since it will be really useful later.

Katana Zero unlock government lab

When you get to this last door, just the one that will give you access to the balcony. Take it down but don’t cross it. Here you will see the usefulness of having taken that ugly statue.

At this point, you have to throw that bust as far as your sights can see. Hidden outside the box is the Master Key bearer and, if you aim correctly, you will kill him with the bust.

Now you can go through the door, go to the corpse and take the key from it.

Note : Jumping out of the building gives you an achievement, and it doesn’t matter what you do after collecting the key.

Katana Zero Phoenix Key

If you recall, the previous key was found in the second mission of the game. But, if nothing related to the next key appears in the third mission, don’t worry or panic.

This is because this third key, the Phoenix Key, you won’t find until you get to theMansion. Precisely, until mission number 6.

So just play normally until you reach this mission. In addition, in the previous objectives you will find skills and equipment that will be very useful for this particular mission.

Katana Zero unlock government lab

If you look closely at the image we share, it is a mission where surveillance will be a real challenge. We recommend using stealth and be aware of the slightest possibility of penetrating the defenses.

A very useful tip that you can follow is that the guards have a viewing time of around 3 to 5 seconds. With this in mind, you can devise the best strategy to move forward.

Once you reach the top of the mansion, walk to the left. Until you come across a room with a strange figure.

Be careful, he is a criminal and, in short, you will not be able to kill him because if he sees you, he will alert everyone. The best way to get around this obstacle is to wait a bit. He will get up and go.

Just then, you will be able to enter the room and look for, among the things the thief left behind, the phoenix key.

If you like surprises, we can tell you that one aspect of this mission is that you will race against the clock. So if you have already collected the key, you can go to the main menu and it will not affect the game. Or, you can try to run away and risk dying and losing all progress. You choose.

Katana Zero Savant Key

Just like the phoenix key, with the fourth key it will also take a while before you can start your search.

And it won’t be until Sltr’s mission. House (the ninth) that you can start with the search for the Savant Key. But, you have to know that it is one of the most complicated missions in the game. It has so much difficulty that if you fail at a very advanced point, you will have to restart it.

In this sense, HDGamers brings you the steps you must follow in each of the encounters you will have in this intense mission.

First frame

From the beginning of this mission, you will have to pay attention to the details. Starting with the fact that immediately after breaking down the door to enter. You will have to jump and cut a cable that is not far away. But it is crucial that you do so.

If you manage to do so, not only will the next door not close quickly, but you will stay safe from any immediate attack that, if it fails, you will surely suffer.

Second and third frame

If the first moment of this mission seemed intense to you, prepare for the next ones.

In this second moment you will have to be aware of the traps hidden in the room. Although your most dangerous enemy will be the cameras that are hidden in the room. If you are discovered, you will have no choice but to restart the mission.

In the previous image, we have marked the areas where the dangers are in red, and the safe area in green. It is more than evident that you will have to measure the time to reach the green point safely.

The truth is that this room doesn’t end up being so complicated when you know where the cameras are. Even more so because you will not have to face any enemy. It only consists of jumping the frames and walking through it.

From now on, the images that we will show you will be from the third meeting.

Just walk until you reach the deepest room, right where the TVs are. In it you will find the Savant key.

The same as the second meeting. Restart if they see you. After passing, go to the room under the televisions. You will find the Savant key.

Katana Zero Prototype Key

One of the most difficult to find, perhaps that is why it is always the last. We refer to the Prototype Key . The first thing you have to know is that she can’t find her with a particular mission. Usually, you unlock it in the Prison mission.

So, we need to teach you how to pass this mission and, at the same time, you will know how to find the last key to unlock the government laboratory.

To start this mission you have to know that stealth will be vital in it. Only then can you survive each of the prison rooms.

Next, we will give you a quick tour with the most important things you need to know to overcome each one of them.

Room 1

As we discussed, stealth will be the key. So in this room, the trick is to be able to hide in the cells. To do this, use the interaction button to access them.

Don’t worry about finding yourself with an unpleasant surprise, apparently all the prisoners were executed. Or something like that. So just try to wait for the guard to stop being a hindrance and go out the door. Repeat the same process for the lower level.

Room 2

The trick of this room is to take a small bottle that you will find on the stairs. It is crucial that you take it and throw it so that it rings the bell and distracts the guard. If you can be fast, you can jump to the next staircase and leave the room. Otherwise, you will have to repeat it.

Room 3

Perhaps it is the easiest you will find in this mission. You just have to enter through the door, wait for the guard to be careless, jump on him and go out the next door. Easy isn’t it?

Katana Zero unlock government lab

Room 4: Outside

This part is horrible, really.

I recommend a controller of some kind, as you can use it to crouch without any risk of making noise. Otherwise, you will alert all the guards by giving your location, and therefore you will fail and you will have to restart the mission.

Of the rest, there is no other way to do it. Just walk to the left always and make sure they don’t see you. And only then, you can return to your home without problems and unlock the last key to the secret government laboratory .

Some tips :

Now that you know the procedure to find all the keys. You could use a few tricks and tips that will be very useful in your adventure.

The first of it is that you take care of the light cones, which represent the vision of the guards and enemies. When you see them, go stealthily and stay out of their reach. However, if you find places to hide, you can use them without any problem even if you enter the range of vision.

The only problem you will have when hiding, will be that you will not be able to move. However, your receipt is safe with this method.

Something you should know

It is a breaking point in this last search for the prototype key . It is that you will meet a drug dealer. In the event that you refuse to consume it (which we recommend in real life). You will have to kill all the enemies that appear after this part of the story.

So, just for the sake of the mission in the game, you will have to get high so that everything we discussed above can work.

Katana Zero Weapons

As you may have noticed, an important part to pass these missions are the weapons. So to equip the weapons just go to the level (Govt.lab) and interact with the panels on the wall.

Katana Zero unlock lab from government

Now that you know everything about Katana Zero unlock government lab. You just have to equip yourself with courage and go on an adventure.

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