Precios de Moonlighter - Guia Completa

Moonlighter Prices – Complete Guide


Moonlighter is a game that undoubtedly hooks anyone. As a good reference of the RPG and Action genre, it has a series of positive characteristics that have allowed it to remain on the top of Steam. It is for this reason that from HDGamers we want to offer you Complete Guide about the Moonlighter Prices .

You should know that the prices in Moonlighter are not static and that as of patch 1.6 these are subject to the demand of the players. However, it is possible to establish a standard basis for the prices of your favorite objects, so if you have doubts check the following list.

What is the highest price I must pay?

As we mentioned before, the prices in Moonlighter vary depending on the amount of demand that exists between the players. However, these are not the only indicators that enter the calculation, so we are really at the mercy of artificial intelligence.

It is for this reason that it is difficult to define exactly what the maximum price you could pay for a particular object will be.

Are the prices on this list reliable?

It is important that you understand that the prices on this list are subject to changes that the Moonlighter market is going through. The good news is that with these references, you can get an idea of ??how much capital you will need before you start buying all those items you have in mind.

It is possible that larger items are regularly required by Moonlighter players , so they can be priced much higher than what you see here. So if the price of the items you want is close to those on this list, do not hesitate and buy it.

Golem Dungeon

  • Vine – 3
  • Root – 6
  • Teethstone – 6
  • Whetstone – 17
  • Iron Bar – 28
  • Crystal Rock – 83
  • Ancient Pot – 110
  • Crystallized Energy – 110
  • Glass Lenses – 110
  • Golem Core – 110
  • Water Sphere – 110
  • Broken Sword – 165
  • Foundry Rests – 165
  • Fabric – 275
  • Water Lamp – 275
  • White Stone – 275
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