My Summer Car: Cheats and Codes for PC

Here are all the codes for My Summer Car that you need to fully enjoy this video game.

Remember that not everyone can work in the best way, but we will do our best to update them as soon as possible.

My Summer Car Cheats – How to Use the Console

To use these codes, you must enter the Console, which is available in the options menu.

Just add that some of these codes may not work well in the most recent versions of Steam, and that we will be working to replace them with others that can fulfill their function.

After the Flash Mirage Codes - Complete List

My Summer Car Cheats – Codes and Commands for Console

ResultCheat Code
Add moneypoor[number]
Rewind timetime[number]
Change day of weekdate[1-7]
Teleport to Homehemo
Teleport to Car Repair Shoplefa
Teleport to Airstrip for drag racesdrag
Teleport to Shopsale
Move Satsuma back Homercar
Move Van back Homervan
Move Tractor back Homertra
Get sleeprbed
Change weatherweat
Save the gameseiv

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