Rimworld: Cheats and Codes for PC

To use tricks for Rinworld, you must first enter development mode. This is within your reach by pressing the Options button, in the Game menu and selecting the mentioned option.

These simple steps will open a whole world of possibilities when it comes to the game. Get ready to be a true god and modify everything you can think of to live this game like you never imagined before.

Rimworld Cheats – How to Enable the Development Mode

  1. Run Rimworld;
  2. Press the “Options” button in the main menu;
  3. Under Gameplay, the middle column, tick “Development mode”.
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Rimworlds Cheats – All the Active Codes

Debug logAn output log for debugging. Shows errors if they occur, as well as debug outputs.
Package editorAllows you to edit game data while the game is running. Currently limited to sound and colonist hairstyles.
View settingsToggles special debug visuals, such as shooting hit chances, infestation chances and toggling fog (fog of war) and snow visibility.
Debug actions menuForces a variety of things to happen. Many things can be done from here; spawning items and pawns, executing events, downing/ killing pawns, there are all done through this menu.
Debug logging menuWhere some debugging information can be found, like crop economy, item nutrition, and such.
InspectorLets you see what’s happening in the game.
God modeToggles god mode. While active you can build structures instantly at no price and research. Godmode can be also toggled through ‘View Settings’.
AutopauseToggles autopause when an error is logged.
Save translation reportAn option shown on the title screen, it generates a report about the currently-loaded language data stating which translations are missing, which are unnecessary, and other useful information for translators.
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