Oxygen not Included: Asteroid Seeds

Survival is a fundamental theme in most video games. To do this, we have to use everything we can achieve in the environment. We have an example of this idea in Oxygen not included and its asteroid seeds . With which we can extend our exploration time to the maximum.

What are seeds?

The seeds in Oxygen not included are nothing more than elements with which we can create a product or speed up their production.

From here comes the importance of these seeds since they will allow us a considerable improvement in the work of the colony.

How do I get them?

The truth is that it is not so difficult to find the seeds.

You can just bump into them exploring, although it’s the longest way and you can’t be sure to find them all. And boy are some quite necessary.

Another way, more practical in fact, is by having the debug Oxygen not included activated, enter the codes corresponding to each of them.

Seed Codes

Below, we present you all the seed codes available at the game .

Metal Rich, Geoactive, Geode, Buried Oil

  • LUSH-A-1891439552-0.

Geodes, Geoactive, Subsurface Ocean

  • LUSH-A-1527267609-9G.

Metal Rich, Geodes, Volcanic

  • LUSH-A-227681179-9G.

Metal Rich, Geoactive

  • LUSH-A-1792056680-9G.
  • LUSH-A-711186410-9G.
  • LUSH-A-728382013-9G.
  • LUSH-A-155604863-9G.
  • LUSH-A-1416530935-9G.

Metal Rich, Geoactive, Slime, Subsurface Ocean

  • LUSH-A-338763426-9G.

Geoactive, Geodes

  • LUSH-A-1818566129-9G.

Geoactive, Metal Rich, Subsurface Ocean

  • LUSH-A-1923289272-9G.
  • LUSH-A-648154022-9G.

Geoactive, Buried Oil

  • LUSH-A-1282690020-9G.
  • LUSH-A-2047601274-9G.

Metal Rich, Buried Oil

  • LUSH-A-286294181-9G.

Geodes, Geoactive, Buried Oil

  • LUSH-A-1766271852-9G.
  • LUSH-A-1663253720-0.

Geodes, Geoactive, Subsurface Ocean

  • LUSH-A-836481812-9G.

Metal Rich, Geodes

  • LUSH-A-1339769679-9G.

Metal Rich, Geodes, Subsurface Ocean

  • LUSH-A-1991197848-9G.

Metal Rich, Geodes, Geoactive

  • LUSH-A-649630753-9G.

Now that you have everything you need to find the seeds in Oxygen not included . You just have to find the right moments to use them and get the most out of them. So just go out, explore and enjoy Oxygen not included .

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