Oxygen not Included: How to activate Debug Mode

With While talking about survival games may already sound like a fairly common issue, there is no doubt that it is one of the most followed in the gamer universe. Another great example of this theme is Oxygen not Included and in HDGamers we bring you a curious in oxygen not included debug mode. With it, you will have access to a good number of unique features.

How do I activate it?

The truth is not as complicated as you might think. To do this, you can force the game so that all commands are available with debug mode in oxygen not included .

Which you achieve by creating a simple (empty) text file inside the “OxygenNotIncluded_Data” folder located in the root of the game folder.

The text file must be called: debug_enable.txt

Note: The “.txt” is the extension! The file name must be “debug_enable”

This allows you to use debug commands (you need to restart the game).

It is very useful for screen capture purposes, since you can deactivate the entire hud by pressing ALT + F1 in the game or unlock the camera so you can zoom out further.

The Control submenu is full of commands, but keep in mind that SOME of these commands will block the game or simply will not work.

Start after adding the file “debug_enable.txt”, then press the backspace key to open the debug options.

debug mode in oxygen not included

Debug Menu

Next, we leave you the entire list of commands for this debug mode in oxygen not included

  • Instant Build Mode – CTRL + F4
  • Invincible / God Mode – ALT + F7
  • Discover All Elements – CTRL + F9
  • DebugToggle – Backspace
  • ToggleProfiler – Backquote / Tilde
  • DebugVisualTest – SHIFT + F1
  • DebugGameplayTest – SHIFT + F2
  • DebugElementTest – SHIFT + F3
  • DebugRiverTest – SHIFT + F4
  • DebugTileTest – SHIFT + F5
  • DebugSelectMalerlia! – CTRL + 5
  • DebugToggleMusic – CTRL + M
  • DebugFocus – CTRL + T
  • DebugUltraTestMode – CTRL + U
  • DebugSpawnMinion – CTRL + F2
  • DebugPlace – CTRL + F3
  • DebugInstantBuildMode – CTRL + F4
  • DebugShowTestMode – CTRL + F5
  • DebugDig – CTRL + F6
  • DebugExplosion – CTRL + F8
  • DebugDiscoverAllElements – CTRL + F9
  • DebugTriggerException – CTRL + F12
  • DebugRefreshNavDell – ALT + N
  • DebugTeleport – ALT + O
  • DebugGotoTarget – ALT + O
  • DebugToggleSelectInEditor – ALT + T
  • DebugPathFinding – ALT + P
  • DebugReloadMods – ALT + M
  • DebugReloadLevel – ALT + L
  • DebugSuperSpeed ??- ALT + Z
  • DebugNotification – ALT + X
  • DebugNotificationMessage – ALT + C
  • DebugToggleUI – ALT + F1
  • DebugCollectGarbage – ALT + F3
  • DebugInvincible – ALT + F7
  • DebugApplyHighAudioReverb – ALT + F8
  • DebugApplyLowAudioReverb – ALT + F9
  • DebugForceLightEverywhere – ALT + F10
  • DebugCellInfo – ALT + F11

debug mode in oxygen not included

What can I do with it?

Primary debugging mode

The main debug mode is activated and deactivated with Backspace (the first time it is activated after loading a game, it may take a few seconds to appear, depending on the speed of your computer).

This mode does the following:

  • Turn off the fog of war.
  • Allows you to get away as much as you want.
  • You can “paint” solids and gases.
  • It will let you copy / paste areas of a world, including buildings with their configuration / content and bugs, but not including deception.
  • You will have the opportunity to save areas of a world as a template file, then load and paste the template.

DebugInstantBuildMode (Ctrl + F4)

Activating this mode has several effects:

  • When you place an order for something to be built, it will appear instantly without using any existing resources.
  • All types of buildings and constructions are available, even if they have not yet been investigated.
  • Any new excavation order will unearth the blocks instantly, although if the game is paused, you will have to cancel the pause for it to take effect.
  • For any building where I can queuing orders for items to be produced (Microbe Musher, Apothecary, etc.), queuing and ordering with “+1” will cause the requested item to be produced instantly, even if the building does not receive power. .
  • Duplicates can be assigned any job, even if they do not meet the requirements for the job, and they will retain that job after deactivating DebugInstantBuildMode.
  • If you select a Research topic that has not yet been fully investigated, it will be fully researched, along with any prerequisite research topic. These research topics will remain fully investigated after DebugInstantBuildMode is deactivated.

DebugTeleport (Alt + Q)

With it you can teleport the hoax, bug, plant or building selected to the location of the mouse cursor.

DebugSpawnDuplicant (Ctrl + F2)

Generates a new randomly generated duplicate at the location of the mouse cursor.

DebugUltraTestMode (Ctrl + U)

With this mode activated, the game runs as fast as your computer’s CPU can handle.

DebugInvincible (ALT + F7)

Activating this mode will make your deceptions invincible.

With this little list of debug mode in oxygen not included , you have everything you need to maximize your experience in Oxygen Not Included . Just remember to take care of your oxygen levels and enjoy this great game to the fullest.

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