Factorio: Cheats and Codes

The industrial revolution was one of the most significant events in human history which marked the beginning of the present that we live today. That is why games like Factorio … Read more

ideas para casas de Minecraft

Cool Minecraft house ideas

In the open world survival video game universe we can place Minecraft as one of the best. Not only because of how challenging their challenges are but because of the … Read more

NieR: Automata - Weapons List

NieR: Automata – Weapons List

The world of video games is usually mysterious and treacherous. Consequently, reflexes and being in the right outfit are the difference between life and death. Especially in games like NieR: … Read more

Mirror: Uncensor Patch

Mirror: Uncensor Patch

A little explored world of the gamer universe, or at least one of the least publicly commented. It is the games with content for over 18 years. How is Mirror … Read more

Gambit: Basic Ranks

Gambit: Basic Ranks

In the gamer universe, it is not easy to be considered one of the best games worldwide. But it’s just what Destiny 2 accomplished in no time. Due to its … Read more

Guía Kurtzpel Affinity

Kurtzpel Affinity: Complete Guide

In any role-playing game, interaction with characters not controlled by players or, commonly known, NPCs; it is vital to the course of history. In this sense, Kurtzpel Affinity will not … Read more

outward map

Outward: Complete Map

One of the most important skills in any role-playing game is the ability to locate ourselves on the game map. An example of this is Outward and that is why … Read more

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