Pathfinder Kingmaker: Harrim Quest Guide

There is no doubt that the universe of Pathfinder Kingmaker is full of surprises and missions that challenge even the most skilled player. In view of this, Let’s talk about Gamers this time brings the harrim guide in pathfinder kingmaker.

Unwanted Legacy

  • This search starts automatically, just after you finish the first act and become a real ruler.
  • You must help Harrim by visiting the old dwarf fortress with him, where the trolls made their lair.
  • You will need this location in the search for the main story of the chapter.
  • Once you arrive, enter and go down to the lower level.
  • In this quest for history, you must defeat their leader and investigate the anvil that Harrim will break to end the search.

guide harrim in pathfinder kingmaker

Unbreakable Metal

  • The search begins at the beginning of the fourth chapter “The disappearance of Varnhold “.
  • Harrim with a dwarf from the Skjegge clan will arrive at the throne room and ask for help.
  • To complete the search, it is enough to visit the indicated dwarf fortress (in the lower left of the Elk Temple , defeat the adamantine golem and speak with the dwarves.
  • Harrim will get the heart of the golem and you can decide what to do:
  • Ask Harrim to return the item to Torag or tell him that he is not obligated to do anything.
  • The task will be completed and you will get 2400 experience points.

harrim guide in pathfinder kingmaker

The Unmaking Quest

  • An unusual guest will visit the throne room: the golem Adamantine .
  • He will tell you about the dwarves who have entered the fortress of the dwarves.
  • Gather your squad (including Harrim) and head to the desolate dwarf fortress.
  • There you will have to beat the golems to enter.
  • Then you must decide who owns the fortress.
  • The conversation is over, you will get 1440 XP.
  • You should go back to the capital and talk to Harrim to complete the mission.

harrim guide in pathfinder kingmaker

As you have seen in this harrim guide in pathfinder kingmaker. It’s a fairly easy mission but with a certain number of small details that are important. Now that you know everything you have to do, go and enjoy Pathfinder Kingmaker .

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