Pathfinder Kingmaker: Investigate My Death Guide

One of the biggest attractions of role-playing games is, without a doubt, recreating the wide variety of story missions. Just like in Pathfinder Kingmaker where a very particular one draws attention. Therefore, in Let’s talk about Gamers we have given ourselves the task of bringing you the in pathfinder kingmaker investigating my death guide to be able to spend it with the greatest of facilities.

What do I have to do?

  • At some point you will receive some visitors in your throne room .
  • That will start a new search.
  • Go to the location of Old Sycamore and bring Jaethal.
  • Move up to find the dead wild boar .
  • Research it and you’ll find out where to go next.
  • Go west (left) from Old Sycamore to the new location: Riverine Rise .
  • There you should beat the elves.
  • Jaethal will give life to one of the elves. He will tell the girl why Jaethal was attacked by the elves.
  • Now you have to decide whether to kill the elf or not.
  • It’s time for you to deal with the merchant who brought a dagger that shows the origin of Jaethal .
  • To do this, you must return to the capital, go to the town square and go to a place with a group of merchants (it is right in the middle of the area) .
  • Enneo won’t be there, but you’ll see Jaetha l.
  • Talk to her to complete the mission and receive the farewell letter from Enneo and 750 XP.

As you will see, it is quite simple to perform. Even more when you have the guide investigating my death in pathfinder kingmaker that Let’s talk about Gamers brought to enjoy this video game with complete peace of mind.

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