Roblox King Legacy: How to get Devil Fruits

Roblox King Legacy: How to get Devil Fruits

King Legacy como conseguir Frutas del Diablo

One of the interesting aspects of Roblox King Legacy is that it recreates manga and anime, such as when players can eat the devil fruit and acquire special abilities. The different types of devil fruits can give players powerful elements and is one of the most sought after things.

How to get the Devil Fruit in King Legacy

Below are the different ways to obtain Devil Fruits in Roblox King Legacy:

  1. One way is to access it through a pass game

    By spending Robux on one of the game passes in Roblox King Legacy, the position of the devil fruit. This will tell players when and where a Devil Fruit has appeared. Players can simply follow the direction and get a Devil Fruit.

  2. In different parts of the game

    When players participate in raids and fight sea beasts, they can receive Devil Fruit as a reward.

  3. Black market purchases

    Players can check and see if the fruit they need or want is available, which is not always a guarantee. There is also a separate Discord channel that tells you when and what devil fruit is available in the game.

Players will need a large amount of Gems, Robux or Beli if they want to get the fruit they want. Either way, obtaining devil fruits can give players great advantages in the game . Go out there and get your devil fruit, players!

If you have any questions about Roblox, I’ll answer them in the comments!

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