How to survive in the Crystal Cave in Dark Souls

It is not surprising that the first comment when talking about Dark Souls refers to how difficult it is to overcome it. A well-earned reputation thanks to maps like the Crystal Cave in Dark Souls .

One of the most treacherous and dangerous areas in the entire game. That is why we did not give the task of bringing you the best recommendations to overcome it without dying, some 500 times, in the attempt.

What equipment do I need to have to overcome the Crystal Cave in Dark Souls?

Considering the fact that you will not be able to move comfortably because of the slippery terrain. Also, it’s worth remembering that the creatures here will attack you with their best curses. We are going to need a good team to withstand so much punishment.

Although most Dark Souls builds consider the difficulty of this cave, this time we will try to be much more specific about it. Therefore, the best thing to do to survive this part of the trip is to have the following features on your computer.

  • First of all, having refined equipment at +4 is extremely important.
  • In addition, make sure you have the following stats on your computer:
  • Curse Resistance: 92 pts
  • Total Physical Defense: 55.6 pts.

Crystal Cave en Dark Souls

The things you should do

Once you make sure you have the proper equipment for this mission, you will be able to enter Crystal Cave in Dark Souls . When you are inside it, follow these little tips to get to the end.

The first thing you should do when entering is to avoid facing the golems . Believe us, it is not worth it as you will spend a lot of resources and earn practically nothing.

However, when you have descended a bit, you will see a kind of butterfly near a void. Here you have to walk straight to him and no, we are not crazy. In reality, in that space there is a kind of invisible platform. So there is no problem with you going through it and moving forward.

The most striking thing about this is that you will see a kind of pile of snow. Below it you will find a corpse that you must loot –Sounds quite disrespectful- This will give you Humanity points which are extremely important to survive the </ em > Crystal Cave in Dark Souls .

Another trick we can give you is that many times you will not find the way to go from one platform to another. The key is that you see where there is a kind of floating logs, that is the path where the invisible platforms that abound in this cave are.

Crystal Cave en Dark Souls

What is the correct path of the Crystal Cave in Dark Souls?

After passing through the second invisible platform, you will come across a small Solitary Golem . To defeat him, make him slip so you can overcome his path.

After overcoming it, you have to head back through a small cave to get a Blue Titanite Slab . Be very careful, this is one of the least stable trails.

Later, you just have to keep going down and here you will run into two scenarios. The first, you will find a huge Gold Golem with metallic shine that, in short, is invincible. Therefore, if you run into it, you are doomed because you took the wrong path.

The second case is that you have reached a flat area where you will find some huge shells that, in the best Dark Souls style, feed on human flesh that falls into your domain.

If you are in this area of ​​the cave, you will have reached the end of the mission. The only thing left for you to do is defeat the boss named Seath whose abilities consist of attacking you with curses (here you will see the utility of using the construction that we gave you at the beginning) and becoming invisible.

Therefore, the true way to overcome this Crystal Cave in Dark Souls will always be to descend looking to the left once you manage to overcome the second reddish golem . This will be located after the first invisible bridge. That being said, we can only wish you the best of luck on your journey.

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