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Most game-related Trello pages are stuffed with helpful in-game information for novice players, including tips, tricks, and gameplay features. There are a few resources that will be helpful if you are a Shindo Life player who is interested in learning more about the game or even if you are just getting started. Players can locate the Shindo Life Trello Link and Wiki of online material in this guide.

Shindo Life Trello Link & Wiki

Here’s the Shindo Life Trello Link:

Shindo life includes a variety of species, talents, bloodlines, and other things. You may learn more about the codes, bloodline rarity, emotes, and any updates that the developers make through the Trello board. However, it isn’t an exhaustive wiki per se and just offers some fundamental information for fans.

The most crucial information that gamers might want to know is that there is a link on the Trello where you can appeal bans. You can submit a request to be unbanned from a game or discord server run by Rell Games if you believe your ban was arbitrary. You must include your username, the offense’s date, a justification, the location of the ban, and a few other details before submitting the appeal.

There is another form that you must fill out if you have any suggestions regarding the game’s perspective balance.

You can visit the Fandom website, which has a ton of information that will be helpful for players, such as bosses, game modes, game mechanics, etc., in addition to the Shindo Life Trello link. Of course, we also have some guides that can be helpful to you.

Shindo Life Trello: Game Modes

  • Arena X Mode
  • Arena X Competitive
  • My Home
  • RPG Mode
  • Kendo Tournament
  • Dungeon
  • Story Mode
  • Shindo-Storm
  • SS Comp
  • Conquest

Remember to visit our main article on Shindo Life Codes, where you will find all the necessary information to enjoy this great video game.



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