Your Bizarre Adventure Update

Most passionate gamers are constantly wondering when the game will be updated and leveled up. Your Bizarre Adventure is a Roblox game based on Hirohiko Araki’s seventh longest-running comic, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. On any holiday or special occasion, it gains a new level and receives an update. This latest update has improved and introduced new features to the game. It tends to draw in players and increases their level of interest. In this post, we will go through Your Bizarre Adventure update. So keep an eye out for it!

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Your bizarre adventure update list

The latest version of Your bizarre adventure allows users to customize their character’s appearance by choosing different outfits and accessories for them. Here’s an update on what you can expect:

Main Update on Your Bizarre Adventure

  • New Codes: x2
  • Updated STAND: Stone Free
  • Acquired at the Robux Store or a Mysterious Arrow!
  • Total of 10 skills!
  • New Map for the Main Game
  • Includes brand-new “Fast Travel” NPCs!
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The following stands now have 15 new STAND SKINS:

  • Stone Uncut
  • The MCU Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man Venom in a comic
  • Venom
  • Platinum Stone
  • Alternate Universe of the Universe
  • There isn’t a new skin, but “The Waifu Alternate Universe” has had its skin rebuilt, and the previous version will now serve as the new skin for The Universe.
  • The Cosmos
  • v2 of the Waifu
  • The Waifu (v1) can no longer be purchased!
  • G-Moon
  • Vela Nova
  • IV Golden Nail
  • crypt tosk tomb
  • Wizard’s Ember
  • Magician’s Ember
  • Sun, Platinum
  • Lucario Gear 4
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper, Yellow
  • Metallic Frieza
  • Gold Spirit Funeral
  • Boros, Lord
  • The Universe, the Platinum Sun
  • The World of Star Waifu
  • Black Poison
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The standard of living

  • Doubled Number of Items Spawned!
  • Per spawn time, 6 objects will now appear!
  • A brand-new “Item Hotbar Saving” system!
  • By clicking the “TOGGLE HOTBAR SAVES” button in the options frame, you can access this new system.

An object can now be saved under a particular Hotbar tool slot. Whenever you restart the game or join it, the item will instantly load into that hot bar position!

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Enhancing Basic Combat:

  • Now, Light Attacks (M1) can strike multiple targets.
  • Increased hitbox frames and detection.
  • After dying or getting rag-dolled, Hitbox no longer lingers.

Significantly improved performance:

  • There are now much fewer chances of crashing.
  • FPS went up
  • decreasing server lag
  • lowered the client ping average

Your Bizarre Adventure Update: Fixes

  • Fixed the unpleasant glitch where your stand would move behind you.
  • Fixed the issue where you would lose stuff if your 2x inventory game pass didn’t load completely.
  • Improved the ability to maintain old stand abilities after selling.
  • Resolved an invincibility bug involving Joe Part 6 and Heaven Ascension DEO barrages.
  • Solved time stop not draining fury for rage mode stands and lengthening its endurance.
  • Fixed the ability to avoid time stop damage caps by attacking at the end of them.
  • Fixed the ability to move in time stop if you were hit by Vaporization Freezing before it began.
  • Time usage is now possible. When time stops winding up, skip.
  • Corrected Ms. Vice President’s kidnapping and freezing that caused throwing.
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They definitely have more changes coming in the future to improve the game.



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