Slime Rancher: Complete Map

Knowing where you are and where you are going will always be an invaluable skill. Although it seems that we are talking about real life, it is something that we can learn and practice every day in video games. A very curious case is that of Slime Rancher and its map which, however simple it may seem, brings its tricks that HDGamers will reveal for you.

The most important thing on the map

Possibly at this point you will wonder what is special about a map in a video game like Slime Rancher . The answer is quite simple.

In the particular case of this game, your map has some points of interest called nodes. The important thing about your journey through the world of Slime Rancher will be, among other things, collecting as many nodes as possible.

What are nodes?

Of the nodes we can say that they are only points of interest that will provide you with all the necessary information on the map. From a restore point to the enemies you can find in certain areas.

So from here you can get an idea of ??how important they end up being for the development of your game. However, they are distributed throughout the world of Slime Rancher , which makes collecting them difficult.

The Slime Rancher map

Now that you know one of the elements that you have to find as a priority in your Slime Rancher adventure. It’s time to introduce yourself to the world you will enter every time you start the game.

However, as we have already been discussing. One of the most important points of your Slime Rancher journey will be finding the nodes. Therefore, below we present the location of the most important nodes on the map .

Where do I find the nodes on the map?

Actually, they are not very difficult to find and even more so because they are so particular objects that you can notice with the naked eye as you run through the game.

Even more so when you realize that the map is divided into regions where each one will present different characteristics. A knowledge that is contained in the special nodes. So its capture is more than necessary to know what you will face later.

So from now on we will show you where to go if you want to find the most important nodes in this extensive map .

Dry reef

In the section near the slime gate, facing the water on the left. You will identify it on the map as the region denoted by the color brown.

Dry reef

Indigo Quarry

It is in the cave with a large rock. You will find it to the left of the exit, heading north of the map.

Ancient ruins

They are to the right of a platform. Which you will find if you travel to the right of the door that leads to the last section. By the green area on the map.

Crystal Desert

It is passing the ancient ruins. More precisely traveling northeast of them.

Moss blanket

It is located on a plateau west of the central section, behind a tree.

Now that you know everything about the location of the nodes. You have everything you need to go on the adventure that the map of Slime Rancher offers.

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