Stardew Valley: How To Get Clay

These are the best ways to get clay in Stardew Valley.

Clay is an essential resource in Stardew Valley. You need them on your farm to make retaining soil, garden pots, brick floors, gifts for fishing in fish ponds, and to build a silo on your farm. However, getting large amounts can take a bit of time.

Clay Nodes

Clay Nodes are special mining nodes introduced in the 1.5 update. These clay knots are found exclusively at the Ginger Island dig site and will produce clay when broken.

Every Winter Star Festival, you will receive a gift from a randomly chosen villager to be your secret giver. You have the opportunity to receive clay as a gift when your secret donor is Jas or Vincent.

How to Find Clay in Stardew Valley

To find clay in Stardew Valley, you need to till the soil. You can do this by using a hoe and then clicking on a point on the ground. Sometimes you may notice clay coming out of the soil when you are plowing your farmland. Even if you can get more clay than you need at first, it won’t be enough to craft items for your farm in the future.

You can find worms that come out of the ground by looking for them. During the winter in Stardew Valley, you will have a much better chance of collecting clay this way. Many players use bombs to destroy the ground in the mines. This will produce much more clay than tilling the land, and can be done by anyone within the first forty levels of the mine.

Silo Construction

Silos are notable buildings used to store grass and animal feed. The process requires large amounts of clay, ten to be exact.

Garden pots are useful when you want to grow indoors. Unlike outdoor farming, which is seasonally dependent, indoor crops continue to feed regardless of the season. To mold a garden pot, you will need a clay.

How do you get clay in winter in Stardew Valley?

If you’re looking for clay in winter, you have a few options. In short, since crops cannot grow in winter, you will need to look for alternative sources of clay. The first is to simply find it in the mine by tilling the arable soil in the first 30 levels of the mines.

After that, you can also find clay on the beach and in Marine and Robin’s house during the winter. You can also receive clay as a gift from Jas or Vincent during Winterstar’s Feast.

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