Subnautica: Best Base Locations

Exploring extraordinary worlds can be the dream of every gamers in the world. It is precisely this window that opens video games as Subnautica. And like any good browser, we need to take the time to establish the best locations of base in Subnautica .

The idea of ??the base

The bases are nothing more than control points to protect the game. That is why we recommend some locations where the transfer is not so long.

Therefore, it is important to tell them that this guide is only a suggestion. At the end of the day, the best locations of the bases are going to depend on your skill in Subnautica .

Subnautica better locations base

The best base locations

Next and following this order of ideas, we will present you the best locations , in our opinion, so that you can locate your base in Subnautica .

Jellyshroom Caves

It is a place that lends itself to build what you want that also has an incredible view.

Just add a place for thermal power generators and you have a great base. Except for snakes and crabs, watch out for them that breed like a pest. From the rest, it’s an amazing place for a base

The Floating Island

Unlike the previous one, The Floating Island has no predators or vermin.

It provides a good place to build, but it has few materials, so you have to bring your own.

Close to the foundations of Degasi and has plenty of trees to eat.

The Cove Tree

It is, in our opinion, one of the best places in the game.

Here you will find a lot of materials, and near the lava area. Besides, there are no predators and a great view of the creek tree .

Its only flaw, and just to give it a name, is that it is quite deep, so you need a cyclops or shrimp to get there.

Kelp Forrest

It is an ideal place for loot and a fresh view.

A good place to charge with solar energy

Mushroom Forrest

If you like nature and buildings on trees, this is the place for you. It also allows you to get solar energy easily.

It is also close to a warp door also to use. In summary, another incredible place to form a base that allows you many facilities in the exploration of an unknown world.

With this we end this guide on Subnautica best base locations . Just remember that in the end, the decision will always depend on your style of play and your skills as a Subnautica explorer.

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