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Tree patches are agricultural areas where trees are grown. These trees, like others in RuneScape, can be felled with the Woodcutting skill to produce logs. All farming involves is sowing the seeds, nurturing them, and reaping the crop. Each type of tree is assigned a specific farming patch, which is spread out throughout various regions, where these farming tasks are to be carried out.

Unlike other trees, fruit trees are not planted immediately from the seed stage; instead, seeds are raised until they become saplings, and then these saplings are put in the hole that has been dug. Fruit tree seeds are typically discovered in bird nests or on farming agreements. Fruit trees can only be cultivated on plots designated for growing fruits and vegetables; the location of these tree patches is described in more detail below.

Regular Tree Patches List

  • Treznor (Gardener): Location = Varrock Castle courtyard, closest teleport
    • Spirit tree to Grand Exchange
    • Varrock Teleport
    • Ring of wealth to Grand Exchange
  • Fayeth (Gardener): Location = West of Lumbridge Castle, closest teleport
    • Lumbridge Teleport
  • Heskel (Gardener): Location = Falador Park, closest teleport
    • Falador Teleport
    • Ring of wealth to Falador Park
  • Alain (Gardener): Location = Taverley, closest teleport
    • Games necklace to Burthorpe
    • Balloon transport system to Taverley
    • Taverley teleport
    • Minigame teleport to Burthorpe games room
    • Goblin village sphere to Goblin Village and travel southwest to Taverley.
    • Falador Teleport
    • Warriors’ Guild teleport via the Combat Bracelet
  • Prissy Scilla (Gardener): Location = Tree Gnome Stronghold, closest teleport
    • Gnome glider
    • Slayer ring to Stronghold Slayer Cave
    • Spirit tree to Tree Gnome Stronghold
    • Balloon transport system
    • Grand/Royal seed pod
  • Rosie (Gardener): Location = Farming Guild, closest teleport
    • Battlefront Teleport to Battlefront, then run west
    • Skills necklace to Farming Guild
    • Spirit tree planted in the Farming Guild
    • Fairy ring code cir, then run south-west
    • Farming cape teleport

Regular Tree Seeds

Discover tree seeds in bird nests or other places. Using the gardening trowel and a watering bucket, plant one tree seed on the pot.

  • 15 Level: Seed = Acorn | Protection = Tomatoes(5)×1[n 3], uses:
    • Source of oak logs
    • Axeman’s folly ingredient (Roots)
  • 30 Level: Seed = Willow | Protection = Apples(5)×1[n 3], uses:
    • Quest item – Enlightened Journey (Branch)
    • Source of willow logs
    • Quest item – Enlightened Journey (Branch)
    • Weaving a Basket on a loom (Branch)
    • Source of willow logs
    • Weaving a Basket on a loom (Branch)
  • 45 Level: Seed = Maple | Protection = Oranges(5)×1[n 3], uses:
    • Source of maple logs
  • 60 Level: Seed = Yew | Protection = Cactus spine×10, uses:
    • Source of yew logs
    • Antipoison+ ingredient (Roots)
  • 75 Level: Seed = Magic | Protection = Coconut×25, uses:
    • Source of magic logs
    • Antipoison++ ingredient (Roots)
    • Making magic string (Roots)

Fruit Tree Seeds

Obtain tree seeds from animal nests or other places. With the gardening trowel, plant one tree seed in the pot and hydrate it with a watering can.

  • 27 Level: Seed = Apple | Protection = Sweetcorn x9, uses:
    • Payment to protect strawberry plants, willow trees, and banana trees
    • Cooking ingredient
  • 32 Level: Seed = Banana | Protection = Apples(5)×4[n 3], uses:
    • Cooking ingredient
    • Payment to protect curry trees
    • Ape Atoll Teleport
  • 39 Level: Seed = Orange | Protection = Strawberries(5)×3[n 3], uses:
    • Cooking ingredient
    • Payment to protect maple trees
  • 42 Level: Seed = Curry | Protection = Bananas(5)×5[n 3], uses:
    • Curry ingredient
    • Payment to protect watermelons
  • 51 Level: Seed = Pineapple | Protection = Watermelon x10, uses:
    • Cooking ingredient
    • Super compost for Ironmen
    • Payment to protect papaya trees
  • 57 Level: Seed = Papaya | Protection = Pineapple x10, uses:
    • Payment Method for Palm Tree
    • Restores Run Energy
  • 68 Level: Seed = Palm Tree | Protection = Papaya Fruit x15, uses:
    • Payment to protect dragonfruit and magic trees
    • Used for making Coconut milk and Coconut shell
  • 81 Level: Seed = Dragon Fruit | Protection = Coconut x15, uses:
    • They are an ingredient in dragonfruit pie
    • Redwood tree protection
    • Used to create bottled dragon breath

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our OSRS farming guide, which is carbon-free. There were no tractors, pesticides, or herbicides utilized; simply completely natural fertilizers. Additionally, the yield is entirely organic and free of GMOs. We hope your trip goes well and is enjoyable.

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