Usable Items In Project Slayers | Complete List

Here is an easy guide on usable items in project slayers. Let’s check them out.

Usable Items in Project Slayers

Are you a big project slayers fan? We have covered you and listed all the usable items that will help you to achieve your objectives and goals quickly in the game.

1. Map

You can easily unlock fast travel options while traveling on the map. You can also get the map direction by using the points you used for unlocking fast travel.

How Can I Use the Fast Travel Option?

For fast travel, you have to start by unlocking all the points on the map. After you have gathered enough points, you need to approach NPC through a horse by talking to the NPC and you will get a list of specific locations for instant travel.

How Can I Buy Map Points in the Project Slayers? 

To buy map points you need to use Robux or Wen.

2. Bandages

Bandages are used for healing the durability of your fist and are quite simple to use. However, your fist needs to have maximum life. If the bandages heal your fist completely then your HP will increase to 15. 

They are one of the very usable items in project slayers and help you in combat at the start and in the higher game levels.

How to buy bandages in Project Slayers?

You can buy bandages from Kiribating Village (that is the starting town) by talking to Rina for 69 Wen per bandage.

3. Fishing Rod

The third most useful item is the fishing rod to help you fish in project slayers rivers. For earning extra money in Project Slayers fishing is the best way. You can use the money from fishing to buy more powerful weapons and objects that interest you and make your game even better. 

When you have the fish, you can sell them to Mark. The redfish cost will be 90$, the Salmon’s cost will be 300$ and Carp will sell for 180$. 

You need to increase the strength of the yellow bar located in the blue area to successfully complete the fishing. In order to do so, you’ll need to use a white circle and must click on it.

4. Demon Horns

The 4th amazing item is the demon horns and you can get them by defeating the demons. You will have one horn when you defeat one demon. After you have collected 250 horns, you can use them for purchasing claws.

5. Elixir

As the name indicates these power potions that have different benefits. There are three types of elixir in the game. 

    1. Stamina Potion: Help you increase your stamina to 25% and Regen rate to 20%. You can buy them for 250 Wen from any boss. Their drop rate is 70%.
    2. Regeneration Potion: Help you increase your Regen rate to 15% and your health regen to 10x buff. You can buy them for 300 Wen and their drop rate is also 70%.
  • Health Potion: Restore your health and healing rate to 20%. You can buy them for 300 Wen and their drop rate is also 70%.

How to buy the elixir?

You can buy them from talking to Mercy from any boss.


That is a list of all the usable items in project slayers that you can use in the game. It’s time for empowering your Roblox adventure and Get Set Go.



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