Vampire Survivors Evolve your Weapons Guide

With a wide range of base weapons, Vampire Survivors also offer powerful weapon evolutions that can only be unlocked with a specific set of tools and resources. In comparison to their original weapons, evolved weapons are substantially more powerful and frequently deliver more damage, have a faster uptime, and have a wider area of effect.

This guide will explore evolved weapons in detail and show you precisely what items and weapons to combine to transform your base weapons into truly lethal weapons.

Survivors of Vampires Upgrade Your Weapons Using Our Evolutions List

  • Candelabrador + Axe – Death Spiral
  • Cross + Clover – Heaven Sword
  • Spinach + Fire Wand – Hellfire
  • Spellbinder + King Bible – Unholy Vespers
  • Bracer + Knife — Thousand Edge
  • Empty Tome + Magic Wand – Holy Wand
  • Hollow Heart + Whip = Bloody Tear
  • Pummarola + Garlic – Soul Eater
  • Attractorb + Santa Water – La Borra +
  • Ebony Wings + eachone –  Vandalier
  • Thunder Loop: Lightning Ring + Duplicator
  • Skull O’Maniac and Song of Mana – Mannajja
  • Crown + Pentagram – Beautiful Moon
  • Eight The Sparrow + Phiera Der Tuphello — Tiragis – Phieraggi
  • No Future – Runetracer + Armor.
  • Stone Mask + Gatti Amari – “Vicious Hunger”
  • Wings + Shadow Pinion – Valkyrie Turner
  • Laurel + Metaglio Left + Metaglio Right – Crimson Shroud
  • Infinite Corridor – ock Lancet + Silver Ring + Gold Ring (you must level up the weapon and both items)
  • Bloody Tear + Vento Sacro = Fuwalafuwaloo (requires evolving the whip first)
  • bracelet = bi-bangle (just requires getting to level 6 before it appears in chests)
  • Torrona’s Box + Victory Sword = Sole solution CL

Observe these conditions to upgrade your weaponry

Observe these conditions to upgrade your weaponry

  • Level 8 or higher for the weapon itself
  • Power-up corresponding
  • A container from a rare foe

Once finished, evolving your weapons will only require that you open a chest.

Vampire Survivors Evolve your Weapons – Unlock

The prerequisites for unlocking weaponry are as follows:

  • Clock Lancet: Unlocked by obtaining an Orologion from Torches
  • Bone: Mortaccio’s first weapon
  • Bloody Tear: Evolution requires the Hollow Heart
  • Thousand Edge: Evolution requires the Bracer
  • Holy Wand: Evolution requires the Empty Tome.
  • Bracer: Reaching level 4 in the King Bible will unlock
  • Cross: Finding a Rosary, which falls from shattering light sources, will open.
  • Death Spiral: Evolution requires the Candelabrador
  • Heaven Sword: Clover is necessary for the development
  • Magician: Requires rank 7 Runetracer
  • Unholy Vespers: Spellbinder is necessary for evolution
  • Fire Wand: You can unlock by obliterating 20 light sources.
  • Peachone: Can be unlocked by utilizing any character to survive for at least 10 minutes.
  • Hellfire: Spinach is necessary for evolution
  • Ebony Wings: Obtaining level 7 on the Peachone is required to unlock.
  • Runetracer: can be unlocked by utilizing Pasqualina to survive for five minutes.
  • Vandalier: Reaching level 8 on Peachone and Ebony Wings will unlock.
  • Lightning Ring: 5000 foes must be eliminated in order to unlock it.
  • Soul Eater: Pummarola is necessary for growth.
  • Garlic: Unlock by locating five-floor chickens.
  • Pentagram: Unlockable by utilizing any character and surviving for at least 20 minutes.
  • Candlabrador: Raise Santa Water to level 4 To unlock.
  • Stone Mask: Find in the inlaid library (check the tutorial)

We hope this post has been helpful to you. In case you still need more information, we invite you to look in our other publications.

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