Wacky Wizard- How To Get Gems

Roblox platform is an amazing gaming platform. Some of the popular games on Roblox are Arsenal, BedWars, Wacky Wizard, Murder, Mystery, The Hood, and many more. 

Wacky Wizard is one of the best alchemy genre games on the Roblox platform. You can show your creativity in alchemy skills. The main theme of Wacky Wizard gameplay is that you must brew potions with various ingredients. You have to use a cauldron to mix ingredients and brew a potion. 

To make a potion, 3 things are essential. They are the potion book, cauldron, and ingredients. You get your premium ingredients and tools in the game you have to spend gems in this game. But gems are not always free. You have to earn them through your activities in the gameplay.

In this article, I will show you how to get gems in Wacky Wizard and why you need them.

Why do you need gems in Wacky Wizard?

The Roblox Wacky Wizard game lets you play with your creativity by making deadly potions. Gems are the currency used in the Wacky Wizard game. In the Wacky Wizard game, you must purchase premium items and ingredients to win the game. Here is why you need gems in this game in the following:

  • You need gems to purchase premium ingredients such as Mr. Cauldron, Zeus beard, Magic seed, Frozen egg and etc to make unique potions. 
  • You also need gems to buy consumable potion throws and saving slots.
  • To purchase both limited and regular cauldron skins.

Lastly, I suggest you need gems in the Wacky Wizard game in almost all activities. So, you have to earn them in every possible way. 

How to get gems in Wacky Wizard?

Getting gems in the Wacky Wizard game helps you unlock many premium ingredients. It also helps you to buy crates for legacy ingredients. Here are the ways you can get gems in Wacky Wizard-

Daily Rewards

You can get gems in the Wacky Wizard game as daily rewards. You will not get it at the beginning of your game. But when you reach difficult higher levels and score, sometimes you will get some free gems in the game. You get 10 to 50 gems per level according to the difficulty level.

Reward from Oz the wizard

Oz the wizard is one of the strongest characters in the Wacky Wizard. This character gives you a reward if you bring Cyclops’ eye to it. Mr. Rich is another important character in the game. Mr. Rich spawns only once a day, and he drops Cyclops eye. You have to catch that eye and bring it to Oz. Then Oz will give a reward with Robux ingredients. Once you acquire that ingredient, you will get 20 gems per day.

Additionally, you can earn some gems by defeating Mr. MegaRich. He is another powerful character. But if you can catch him and pour potions on him, he will be defeated. And thus, you can have 10 more gems. 

Daily quests by Glinda the witch

Glinda the witch is another major character in the game. She spawns with a group of witches. You will meet her often in the game. She will give you the task of completing the quest. Daily quest by Glinda involves gathering secret and important ingredients for brewing potions. These secret ingredients such as blue frog, lava flower, jellyfish, etc. are hidden in the game map. If you can find Glinda her ingredients, she will reward you with gems. 

Purchase from Roblox shop

The easiest way to get gems is to purchase them. You can get gems in the Roblox shop with Robux. Robux is the currency used in the Roblox platform. You have to install Robux premium on your device and browser. You have to convert your currency into virtual Robux currency to purchase items on the Roblox platform.

Final Words

Wacky Wizard is a very interesting game on the Roblox platform. If you are interested in exploring your alchemy skills, this game is perfect for you. However, before playing the game, you should know the gameplay and tactics well. Hope this article will help you to understand your gems’ collection in the Wacky Wizard world. Enjoy!!



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