All War Robots Game Modes: Prepare for Battle!

The idea of ​​a game like War Robots seems simple. Just as the name implies, robots armed to the teeth fight to the death. But, it could get a bit monotonous and boring. Only if we do not know well what all the War Robots game modes are about.

After all, in any combat you must know who is on the other side so you don’t fire all of your missiles at your allies. That said, it makes you comfortable because we will explain to you what all the game modes in this great video game are about.

War Robots game modes: What should I know first?

Before knowing what each of the War Robots game modes consist of, it is extremely important that you know, in general, what you need to win a game.

Considering the fact that it is a PvP of up to six players per side, the first way to win that comes to mind is by killing all opponents.

However, you should know that each player will have at their disposal a hangar with up to five robots available for combat . This considering that they are less than level 30 that that is material for another guide that you will know later.

On the other hand, in each game map you will find a kind of light towers. These are called Beacons and are another very practical way to win the game. To control them, you just have to position an ally within their range and wait a few seconds for the light to change color.

  • White: Neutral.
  • Red or Blue: It is under the control of the team of that color.

The more beacons you control, the life points of the opposing team will gradually decrease. When finished, the game will end; However, if you fail to achieve this within 10 minutes of the game, you will lose regardless of whether your team has more beacons under your control.

War Robots

The game modes of War Robots

Now that you know what you need to achieve victory, let’s get down to business and tell you what they are and what each of the War Robots game modes is about.

All against all

A classic Battle Royal where the last robot standing will be the winner. Here there will be no alliances or friendships, only iron, bullets, missiles and minutes of intense and fierce fighting.

Team Deathmatch

If you still do not feel ready to fight all against all but you are a lover of Battle Royal , it is advisable to enter the combat mode team death.

Here you will find an idea identical to the mode above. The only difference is that you will be part of a team of six drivers. The objective here will be to kill all the robots of the enemy side before seeing the last ally fall.

Beacon Defense

Do you remember when we spoke that beacons are a way to win games? They are so important that there is a game mode dedicated to them.

This is called Beacon Defense and, as its name implies, your team will have to seek to take control of all of them before the other and, obviously, end the life points of the other team.


In case the last two War Robots game modes caught your attention and you want to enjoy a combination of both, we have the solution.

Enter a game of domination and you will succeed. Within this particular modality you will have the objectives of a team deathmatch and a defense of beacons in one. To be successful, your team will have to achieve one of the two objectives first.

Is there anything else I should know about the War Robots game modes?

After a few games you will be able to get the idea of ​​each of these War Robots game modes. So you may want to find something different or, in any case, enter a minor squadtime no matter which party you join.

In these cases, we will tell you two ways to play War Robots that do not end up being a game mode, but that will be very useful to enter a battle quickly.

Quick game

As the name implies, when you select a Quick Match it will match you in any of the War Robots game modes that is about to be completed. It is the fastest way to enter a battle and enjoy this great game.


This is a very particular way of playing. It could be considered as a kind of event where you can try different character alternatives, regardless of whether you have them unlocked.

As in a quick game, it will be to play any of the War Robots game modes where they will give you a hangar of five different robots in each game.

Without a doubt, this is a game that has a lot of potential and with these War Robots game modes they can go a long way. For now, we are going to enjoy a pure expression of player vs player at its best.

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