The Best Astral Chronicles Mods!

A game with action, good dynamics and excellent… graphics. This is how we could describe Astral Chronicles which, in a nutshell, doesn’t have much room for improvement. Although if we consider the mods of Astral Chronicles, that idea may change.

Although they were not created to improve the graphics, they are really useful to achieve the objectives of the game. Here we find another great example that quality will always be more important than quality and you’ll see.

How to install Astral Chronicles mods?

Before we tell you what these Astral Chronicles mods do and why they are so great, we are going to explain how to install them. For this, we are going to consider the fact that it is a mobile game.

Therefore, in order to install these incredible mods, you will have to follow the steps that you will see below according to your convenience.

From the computer

If you want to do a kind of manual installation from your computer, follow these steps:

  • Download the Astral Chronicles mods that you want to install in their APK version.
  • Send them, via USB for example, to your mobile device.
  • Run the APK installer on your computer and find the files for the Astral Chronicles mods.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Finally, start the game.

From mobile

  • To install the Astral Chronicles mods from your mobile, you just have to enter the browser directly from it.
  • Download the mods that you want to use.
  • Run the APK installer on your computer and find the files for the Astral Chronicles mods.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Finally, start the game.

What are the best Astral Chronicles mods?

Now that you know how they are installed and a brief description of what Astral Chronicles mods are, you are in a position to learn about them.

In this order of ideas, it is important to remember what was commented previously. That expression where we said that quality will always be more important than quantity.

We say this to give you the idea that you will not see a considerably high amount of these mods. In fact, they are only these that you will see below.

  • Multiple damage
  • Infinite money

Astral Chronicles tier list

What do the best Astral Chronicles mods offer?

Don’t be disappointed by this poor offer of mods for this game, trust us, they are more than enough. Still not finished, believe us? Let’s find out what each one of them brings.

Multiple damage


As its name implies, this is a mod with which you can amplify the damage generated by each of your characters. This cute trick will not only give you more attack strength, it will also improve your critical strike chance and the speed with which you strike.

Another of the incredible virtues that this ally offers is that it eliminates the load times of the abilities. In this way, you can attack with all your strength at every opportunity and you will have, in a certain way, an almost guaranteed victory.

Infinite money


Considering the importance of capital in this game to unlock new characters, abilities among others. Adding how difficult it is to get the money in each fight, it was to be expected that we would find a mod that will help you financially.

In this sense, this file, which weighs more than 800 mb, is self-explanatory. When we talk about the mod of infinite money, what it does is that it will give you precisely that. It is also important to comment that it will do so from the first moment you activate it.

Final recommendations

As you may have noticed, these mods are more than enough to enjoy an excellent adventure in this great game.

However, it is important that you remember to activate the permission to install external applications on your device. Otherwise, you will not be able to install ningone of them.

On the other hand, if you want to get the most out of them, we recommend you review the Astral Tier List Chronicles to find out which are the strongest characters in the game.

That said, when it comes to Astral Chronicles mods, the only thing we have to do is invite you to enjoy a unique experience in this great game.



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