What does channeling do in Minecraft | Short Guide

Channeling is one of the enchantments that you can use on your Trident in Minecraft. Here we tell you everything you need to know about it and the effects it offers on the weapon.

What does Channeling do in Minecraft?

Channeling summons thunder when throwing your trident and hitting mob. Its only activation requirement is that it is raining at the location of the attack.

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Is Channeling Worth in Minecraft?

It is Worth if you plan to attack enemies in a group, since it will allow you to generate a large amount of damage in an area.

Is Channeling Rare Minecraft?

It is not rare, but it is exclusive for Tridents in Minecraft. We love you and that is rare.

Can you have Loyalty and Channeling?

You can have Loyalty and Channeling. Also you can have this enchantment with Impaling, Unbreaking and Mending. You cannot have Loyalty with Riptide.

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