What Is Looting In Minecraft

Looting is one of those Minecraft enchantments that helps you make your tools and weapons more accurate and better. This increases the efficiency of your game. You can use this enchantment for swords, pickaxes, and axes.

Minecraft does not allow you to gain maximum experience points (XP) with your enchanted sword. This just multiplies the loot items for you. So looting will not help you get more experience points in minecraft.

How to find the Book of Plundering Charms

The best way to find this book is to go to any nearby town and find idle villagers. Now you need to place a desk near him which will give him the librarian job and his appearance will also change afterwards.

How to use the enchantment table in Minecraft?

The enchanting table is a block used to enchant items and tools. Enchanting requires three things: an enchanting table, lapis lazuli, and levels. Levels are required for all enchantments, but the number of levels required depends on the enchantment and the enchanted item. For example, it takes 5 levels to repair an iron pickaxe with Mending, while it takes 20 levels to enchant an iron sword with Sharpness V. To use the enchantment table, you must first put it on the ground, then right-click about her. This will open the GUI which contains two locations; the top slot is for the item you want to enchant, while the bottom slot is for the lapis lazuli.

Looting is a mechanic in Minecraft that allows players to increase the number of items they can obtain from certain blocks and mobs. When a player kills a mob or breaks a block that has loot on it, he will receive additional items based on the loot level of his weapon or tool. The higher the loot level, the more items the player will receive.


Weird, right? But sometimes good things are obtained simply by fishing in rivers or in the sea, including spell books. So sit back and relax while you fish!

Make yourself a fishing rod and keep fishing until you get a book of enchantments, if it’s not loot you repeat the process until you get it, but it can take a long time.

Using the enchanting table

Using the enchanting table to enchant your book or tool unless and until you get the loot to enchant is a favorite technique because all you need to this process is an enchantment table, books and enough XP. To find loot via the enchantment table, all you have to do is:

  • Go ahead and grab a bunch of lapis lazuli and books
  • Enchant 1 book with whatever enchantment it find the options by using lapis lazuli

Repeat this process for each book unless you are using looting I or even better

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