Where Does Fallout 4 Take Place

You wouldn’t think that post-apocalyptic nuclear wastelands would be fun worlds to explore, but Bethesda’s Fallout series has consistently provided beautifully designed and engaging worlds to explore. Even when the series has stumbled elsewhere, looking at you Fallout 76, the world design has been flawless. Whether it’s Bethesda’s extremely refined talent for creating great worlds or the excellent American perspective through which the series examines its locations, Fallout always offers excellent settings that you can completely lose yourself in with each new game. about five that we hope to see address the series in the future.

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Will Fallout 4 take place after Fallout 3?

Yes! Fallout 4 takes place in and around Boston in the year 2287, ten years after Fallout 3.

During his journey, the Lone Survivor discovers a civilization plagued by the paranoia of a race of synths, human-like creatures which are both artificial and biological, as well as a mysterious organization known only as the Institute.


The Cambridge region is directly north of Boston, which also places it in the center of the Commonwealth map. It’s not as crowded as Boston, but there’s still plenty for curious gamers to do. The Railroad faction has a strong presence here, as does the Brotherhood of Steel, making conflicts between powerful groups quite common. There are also plenty of active gunners in the area, so it’s a great place to get some XP if you despise bandits.

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When you start the game, after all the opening scenes, you find yourself in Sanctuary Hills. This peaceful place is located in the Concord region, which covers the entire northwestern section of the Commonwealth. As such, this is where you’ll find the lowest level enemies in the game, making Concord less difficult to explore, which in turn allows you to easily access the more difficult areas.

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Is Fallout 5 likely to follow Fallout 76?

An important fact to remember when looking at Fallout 5 is that Fallout 76 is considered a spin-off. When the game was first announced, Todd Howard made it clear that the decision not to name it “Fallout 5” was an indication that it was a spin-off and that the game’s next title would be Fallout 5. He further stated that Fallout 5 would be a more traditional single player title. (Not to mention the repeated statements that the multiplayer aspects would not change the direction of the franchise.) Of course, there might have been a chance that Fallout 76 would have had its own spin-off sequels if its format proved popular. However, that now seems rather unlikely.

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