World of Warcraft: An Overview

The World of Warcraft game is based on a fictional narrative of two camps fighting each other. Players can choose either the Alliance or the Horde as their side. The players then have to travel through Azeroth, encountering different types of hurdles and getting into skirmishes along the way. Repeatedly, players from the two camps have to battle it out with those from the other camp in a savage battle for survival.

The popularity of World of Warcraft cuts across all cultures and age groups of players. After introducing games boosting services, players are constantly up to the new challenges that the game publisher introduces now and then. The most recent development to the game is cross-faction play. In this post, we shall examine what this update means to you as either a new or old player. We will also answer the questions of whether the update is useful to the players of the game and if you should be excited about it or not.

In addition to this main storyline, the game developers have created new sub-story arcs over the years. Notably, players from the camp have repeatedly been forced to realize that they need to fight a common enemy in Azeroth. Thus, the concept of Alliance and Horde collaborating to fight off a common enemy is not entirely new in this game.

What is cross-faction play update in World of Warcraft?

Although many specialized sites provide detailed explanations of new gaming concepts and updates, many players of World of Warcraft still do not understand the meaning of the new update to the game. One interesting thing that explains why many people are not certain of what the update will mean is that Blizzard intentionally withholds some details about the update. Many observers and players are not sure how the company intends to approach the concept of cross-faction play in the latest update to the game. For example, it is not clear how players from opposite sides who would like to collaborate can be in touch with one another.

Interestingly, it is now clear that cross-faction updates will have various limitations and opportunities. For example, cross-play will take place in three places during the game. The places are in dungeons, during raids, and rated PvP. Furthermore, players who are even in opposing camps will collaborate during this instance in the game. The players can communicate via the Group Finder feature in the game. However, this feature can work if only the players have already invited each other via the Battlenet.

Because the players appear friendly when they are in any instance, they can do a lot together. Notably, players who come from opposing sides but choose to cross-play will be able to share the loot. This is particularly important during the raiding instances. More so, players at a party will appear completely friendly to one another. However, they will resume their hostilities when they get out of the party.

Is cross-faction in World of Warcraft a Great Update?

The jury is still out on whether this latest update to the amazing game is great or not. On the one hand, many players may find it slightly offensive when Blizzard says that players do not have to fight alongside those from a different race. On the other hand, it would have been good for the company to include the random matchmaking feature. This feature would allow people from either of the two warring factions to be automatically matched with those from another during instances. However, Blizzard may have stepped on a few toes by allowing players to choose not to collaborate with players from another race if they are not comfortable about it.

On the other hand, the game was built on a very clear binary lore. For example, the Alliance is completely hostile to the Horde. Similarly, humans are not supposed to work together with the orcs in any instance. Many players of the game hold these features of the game’s narrative very dear. Attempting to change them may be a good idea. However, it is more likely to face opposition from people who do not fancy change.

Ending the faction wars that have come to define this game may be a good idea. It is highly unlikely that the game developers could sustain the current and future updates on factional animosity. Instead, creating a chance for players from the different factions that have been traditionally antagonistic to one another may be a new way of making the game more exciting to new and even seasoned players.

Even before the cross-faction update becomes available to the players, the warring factions in the game occasionally come together to confront a common enemy. Therefore, the concept of cross-faction may not be entirely new to the game, as some observers may argue.

Final Thoughts

The cross-faction update to the World of Warcraft game is a clever attempt to make the game’s story arcs more exciting and less predictable. Blizzard has decided to implement the update cautiously to avoid disrupting its legion of loyal fans and players. Although the concept of cross-faction play has been around in certain forms, it is the first time that the game will allow players from the Horde and the Alliance to collaborate. However, the collaboration will not be uniform. There are many other instances where the players from the two opposing camps will not collaborate to fight a common enemy. However, when raiding or in specific PvP arenas, the players will be free to work with one another and even share the loot. Although many fans of the game are unsure of how the update will affect the game’s intensity when it finally goes live, some of the concerns will likely turn out to be inconsequential.

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