Top Slot Games for Anime Lovers

Slot machines are some of the most entertaining aspects of both physical and online casinos. If you’re a fan of anime, there are a few different slot games you might enjoy more than others. This is due to their design, format and overall theme. Here’s a list of the top slot games for anime lovers that you’ll be able to find at almost any online casino in NZ that is worth visiting.

What are anime slots?

Anime slots utilize a similar theme and design as anime itself. These slots often feature colorful characters drawn in that all too familiar Japanese animation style. They may have dramatic facial features and pull from fantasy, romance, cyberpunk, or space themes.

You probably won’t find a slot machine from your favorite anime unless the two companies partnered together, but you’ll definitely find a plethora of different anime-esque slot machines. 

1. Hazakura Ways

This slot game features a lot of Japanese-influenced art and immediately reminds you of an anime. It features six reels with four rows. Its art style is as entertaining as its gameplay and can be entertaining for any fan of anime. 

Some of the reel symbols are simple stars, diamonds, clubs, or spades, but there are also other symbols that feature anime-drawn characters wielding swords or even other types of weapons. The background features traditional Japanese architecture and flora. 

2. Sakura Fortune 2

Another slot game that’s perfect for anime lovers is Sakura Fortune 2. This is a sequel to the popular Sakura Fortune, which was released back in 2017 to critical acclaim. This new version features better graphics and entertaining gameplay.

The background features traditional Japanese architecture along with blooming cherry blossom trees. The reel symbols pull from different Japanese and anime themes, such as geishas, warriors, jade fish and coins. 

3. Candy Island Princess

Candy Island Princess is a three-reel, three-row slot machine that really embraces the whole anime art style and design. While the other two on this list were tamer, Candy Island Princess is immediately reminiscent of any anime.

The music is immediately catchy as you spin reels with symbols of anime girls, cameras, symbols and more. As you can imagine from the name, this slot game features various anime princesses with different prizes. 

4. Demon Train

Fans of Demon Slayer are going to be stoked to hear that there is a slot machine that takes influence and features art that could be almost directly from the show itself. The creepier side of anime, Demon Train features disturbing symbols and demonically possessed characters.

This slot game also has an interesting mechanic where winning symbols will explode, allowing new symbols to fall into place. This mechanic gives you the possibility of racking up a chain of wins, all cascading from your first initial win. 

5. Saiyan Warriors

Another anime inspire slot game, Saiyan Warriors features art directly from the hit anime show Dragon Ball Z. While a lot of the reels are your standard symbols from playing cards like AKQJ10, it also features Goku and his two friends— Vegeta and Piccolo. You’ll also find Frieza and Cell here as well. 

Collect all seven dragon balls to summon Shenron and enter the free spin mini-game for epic prizes.

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