The Best Azur Lane Mods

They say that the sea is synonymous with peace and tranquility. Perhaps the developers of Azur Lane did not pay much attention to it since they bring us an incredible action and combat game. One that can easily be improved if we use some of the best Azur Lane mods.

With them we will find a new world of possibilities to fully enjoy this amazing game. That said, sit back because today, at HDGamers, you’ll learn everything you need to know about them.

What are the best Azur Lane mods?

First of all, let’s get to the point and bluntly. Below we will show you what are the best options for Azur Lane mods.

  • Infinite money and gems
  • Mod Script
  • Godmode
  • Stellaris DLC
  • Azur Lane MOD APK
  • RoTFS mod
  • Crosswave

mods de Azur Lane

Why are they the best?

At this moment you will be asking yourself this question and thinking are they crazy? what will I do with those names and why do they say they are the best? Don’t worry, in this second part all these concerns will be answered.

Here we will provide you with a brief description of these Azur Lane mods. In addition to showing you what are the most important features that they bring to your game and what you need to be able to enjoy them.

Infinite money and gems

Mod Overview

One of the most common mods of any mobile game is the one that helps you become the richest player in the world. In the case of the Azur Lane mods we will also have it.

With this particular ally we will have all the capital we need to build and improve our fleet to the highest level. In this way, we will have the most powerful army in the game.

Main characteristics

  • Infinite gold.
  • Infinite gems.

Special conditions

Your device must have the following requirements:

  • Android 4.1 or higher.
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2GB of storage.

Mod Script

Mod Overview

This is possibly one of the most common Azur Lane mods in the entire game. Not only because it is a kind of all in one, but also because it is one of the most complete and versatile.

With it we will find benefits that range from the translation of various parts of the game to actions such as the famous God mode. As if that were not enough, we will have unlocked some skins and the loading time of our ships will be reduced. That’s fantastic!

Main characteristics

  • God mode.
  • Reduce Cooldown.
  • Game translation.
  • Best Skins.
  • Modify the difficulty of the game to your liking.

Special conditions

He does not have any.


Mod Overview

Another of the great classics of mods for mobile games is the famous God Mode. This one will make you invincible no matter how strong your opponent is.

It should be noted that you can get it with the mod that we presented before or, in case you only want to use it alone, you can do it.

Main characteristics

  • You will be invincible.
  • You can activate it at will.

Special conditions

It does not have any additional conditions to the minimum to play Azur Lane

Stellaris DLC

Mod Overview

In the event that you are one of those fanatics of appearances and want to give your game a complete twist, this is the ideal mod to complete your objective.

When we talk about the Stellaris DLC mod we mean one that will give you an infinity of unique skins. As if that were not enough, it will allow you to optimize the graphics

It will also expand the universe of playable species with which you can enjoy epic adventures as you conquer space. Without a doubt, one of the bestorest and most complete Azur Lane mods that exist.

Main characteristics

  • The best skins.
  • It is constantly updated.
  • New species to play with.

Special conditions

While it doesn’t ask for anything beyond the minimum requirements to play Azur Lane, it is recommended to have at least 512gb of extra ram to enjoy to the fullest of it.

Azur Lane MOD APK

Mod Overview

When we arrive at the Azur Lane MOD APK we find another one that is considered All in One. With him we will see some of the qualities that we already described above.

This nice mod will give you, in addition to money and infinite gems, the positivity of having all, absolutely all ships unlocked so you can buy them.

Still not enough for you? It will also give you an infinity of completely free skins that you can enjoy just by downloading this mod< /strong>. Another of the great options that we bring to you with which you can fully enjoy this wonderful game.

Main characteristics

  • Infinite money and gems.
  • All ships with no level requirements.
  • Any skin you want to use.

Special conditions

  • To have this mod your device must meet the following requirements:
  • Android 4.4 or higher operating system.
  • 68 MB of free storage space.

Note: This mod does not require any root to work.

RoTFS mod

Mod Overview

An Azur Lane mod that only modifies the appearance of ships may not be very practical. But when it comes to the RoTFS mod you have to be very careful.

With it we will have a wonderful collection of more than 200 appearances to customize our ships. The truth is that it only does that but come on, they are really amazing and it is well worth trying. After all, we are not going to conquer the world without style.

Main characteristics

  • It has a collection of 202 skins for any of the ships available in the game.
  • It is constantly updated.

Special conditions

It does not have any additional requirements to play Azur Lane.


Mod Overview

The Crosswave mod is one of the least understood but one of the most practical when it comes to improving the visual experience of the game. Unlike everyone we’ve seen so far, he’s directly in charge of improving the resolution and textures of the images in the game.

In this way we can have a much more realistic experience. It should be noted that it respects the original art of the game, it only improves it as much as possible.

Main characteristics

  • Optimization of all textures in the game.
  • It adds new characters (the truth is, we don’t know why it does it since they don’t contribute almost anything).

Special conditions

In addition to the minimum requirements to play Azur Lane, you’re going to need 512mb of ram in order to get the most out of this mod.

Azur Lane tier list

How do I install the Azur Lane mods?

Now that we know what the best Azur Lane mods are and why we consider them that way, we still have one last question to answer.

How will I be able to use them? After all, we are not going to do anything knowing which ones are the best without knowing how to install them in our game.

On the other hand, it is important to comment that it is quite simple to do it. As well as installing any mod in games like Azur Lane following these simple steps:

  • Go to the official page of the mod
  • Download it
  • Pass it to the device,
  • Run the application installer
  • Enjoy.

After install the Azur Lane mods, all that remains for us is to invite you to enjoy epic battles on the high seas in the purest gamer style.



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