Combat Warriors Scripts (2023)

There are numerous options for fighting in Roblox. Combat offers creators the opportunity to create something tense, with risk and reward, and, eventually, a winner, just like any other creative medium. A company called SwenzjeGames developed the ROBLOX game Combat Warriors. You can kill other players in the fighting game. Your opponent was in the ring with you, and your only objective was to defeat him or her. As you fight other players, you get XP and Credits. These coins are used to buy weapons and level up. Another resource you can use to purchase cosmetics is aether.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Combat Warriors script hack, keep reading. We’ll go over all the specifics of this well-known hack, such as what it is, how it operates, and where you can get it.

Why Combat Warriors Script is popular?

One of the most well-known and widely-used Roblox hacks is the Combat Warriors script. It is a Lua script that enables the use of in-game glitches and exploits. The hack is one of the most dependable and user-friendly ones available because the script is continually updated with new features and fixes. The kill aura is one of the Combat Warriors script’s most well-liked elements. This is incredibly helpful for PvP warfare because it enables you to instantly kill any other player or NPC that enters your line of sight.

Some Popular Combat Warriors Scripts  


You can check the script here:

  1. local combatspy = game:HttpGet(“”)

Silent Aim 

You can check the script here:

  1. loadstring(game:HttpGet(‘’))()

New Script

You can check the script here:

  1. loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”))()


You have to use scripts at your own risk. But there are also a few pointers to help you avoid issues. Use scripts that are current and from after the game’s most recent update. Aim to use them covertly; otherwise, SwenzjeGames Project 1 may ban you from the game for utilizing exploits if any of the other players on your server catch wind of your usage of hacks.

How Do You Run a Script?

To apply scripts and hacks, adhere to the following steps:

  • Downloading a Roblox exploit or script executor is the first thing you must do. If you’re unaware, the three most often used ones are Krnl, Synapse, and JJSPloit.
  • Launch Combat Warriors and begin playing.
  • Launch the Roblox exploit or script executor of your choice.
  • You can copy and paste any of the scripts we give you into the space provided, then click the Execute/Inject button.


The list of recently popular Combat Warriors scripts is now complete, and you have all the information you need to use this script to your full advantage. You can use those scripts to benefit from your free gaming prizes. Hope you enjoy the game. 



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