Best DA Hood Silent Aim Script 2023 Pastebin

Da Hood [Anto Lock, Silent-Aim, Esp] is a role-playing sandbox game on the Roblox studio. This game is created by Da Hood Entertainment. The game is based on a gang subculture environment where a player can play the role of a cop or criminal. Both parties have different gang-based cultures.  It is about the clash between cops and criminals.

Da hood allows its players to earn cash, collect weapons, do gymnastics and etc. activities. You can choose your role by yourself and decide their activities. Hence, this game has a lot of features it is developed with a unique type of scripting language which is the Best Da hood Silent Aim script. Now let’s know about this script more.

What is the Best Da Hood Silent Aim?

Da hood Silent Aim is the scripting and programming language for the Da Hood game which simplifies the gameplay. This language helps to obtain bonuses and progress like money, shazam, God mode, and many more. It makes the game fun and smooth to play.  Da Hood silent aim has many features such as:

  • Aim Lock
  • ESP Hack
  • Auto Drop
  • Target people
  • Collect Item
  • Easy to Execute and etc.

The Da Hood game has numerous script languages shared across the internet. But here we provide you with the best Da Hood Silent Aim scripts which are working right now given below:

Script 1:

Script 2:

Script 3:


Da Hood is the most popular role-play nowadays. Almost everyone is playing this game. That’s why you have to choose the right script. Among all the scripts shared by the Da Hood game, Silent Aim is the best script. It is easy to execute. Try this script today to get an amazing experience!!



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