Customs Map Tarkov Guide 2023

Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore first-person shooter game that has gained massive popularity among gamers worldwide. As one of the most challenging and realistic games in its genre, it features a vast open-world map that players must navigate through to complete objectives and survive. One of the most popular maps for players to explore is the Customs Map. In this article, we will provide you with an up-to-date Escape From Tarkov Customs Map Guide for 2023.

What Is The Escape From Customs Map Tarkov?

Before delving into the guide, let’s briefly discuss what the Escape From Tarkov Customs Map entails. The Customs Map Tarkov is one of the original maps from the game and is located near the city outskirts. It is characterized by a mix of industrial areas and residential zones, making it a challenging terrain to navigate through. With various points of interest such as the dorms, gas station, and military checkpoint, players have a lot to explore on this map.

Recommended Loadouts For Customs Map

Having the right loadout is essential when exploring the Customs Map. Here are some recommended loadouts for this map:

  1. Assault Rifle: An assault rifle such as the AK-74M or M4A1 is ideal for mid to long-range engagements.
  2. Pistol: A reliable pistol such as the GLOCK 17 or MP-443 is perfect for close-range encounters.
  3. Body Armor: Wearing body armor such as the PACA or Fort will give you an advantage in gunfights.
  4. Backpack: A backpack with a high carrying capacity is necessary as you will need to carry loot and supplies.

Loot Locations On The Customs Map

Looting is a significant aspect of Escape From Tarkov, and the Customs Map Tarkov is no exception. The dorms are one of the most lucrative looting spots on the Customs Map. They contain valuable items such as weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies. The gas station is another excellent location for finding loot. It has numerous storage containers that can contain valuable items. A military checkpoint is a home to several weapon crates and ammunition containers, making it an excellent spot for looting.

The Best Routes To Take On The Customs Map Tarkov

Navigating the Customs Map Tarkov can be challenging, but taking the right routes can make it easier. Here are some of the best routes to take on the Customs Map:

  • The River Route: Following the river is an excellent route to take as it will lead you to various key locations such as dorms, gas stations, and military checkpoints.
  • The Bridge Route: Using the bridges to cross the map quickly can be an effective way to avoid enemy fire and reach your destination faster.
  • The Fence Route: Following the fence that runs along the western side of the map will lead you to several loot spots and give you a tactical advantage in gunfights.

Tips For Navigating The Customs Map

The Customs Map is an intricate and challenging map to navigate, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips to help you find your way around. The Customs Map has numerous key locations, such as dorms, gas stations, and military checkpoints. Familiarizing yourself with these locations will help you better understand the map layout and enable you to plan your movements more effectively. The Customs Map is notorious for hosting numerous scavenger AI enemies. Always be vigilant and keep an eye out for them, as they can ambush you at any moment. There are two bridges on the Customs Map Tarkov that span across the river. These bridges can be used to cross the map quickly and avoid enemy fire.

Customs Map Tarkov is undoubtedly one of the most challenging maps in Escape From Tarkov. However, with the tips provided in this guide, you should be able to navigate through it with ease. Remember to familiarize yourself with key locations, watch out for scavengers, use the bridges to your advantage, and equip yourself with the appropriate loadout. With a little practice and patience, you’ll be dominating the Customs Map in no time.

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