The Best Dark Souls 3 Mods

The gamer stories tell the legend of a saga as fearsome as it is challenging. One where only a few dare to enter his domain. It is that when hearing the name Dark Souls , the skin bristles. More when we come across an adventure that has the contribution of allies such as the mods from Dark Souls 3.

Yes, in this third installment we continue to see how this game continues to captivate millions of players. So many that a small community always seeks to contribute its grain of sand to improve the experience of Dark Souls and HDGamers you will bring the best mods that exist today.

How do I install mods for Dark Souls 3?

Before anything else, the most important thing is to learn how to use Dark Souls 3 mods in order to enjoy all their benefits.

The truth is that it is really simple. To install them you will only have to follow these steps:

  • The first thing to do to enjoy the mods of Dark Souls 3 is to download the mods engine.
  • Once you get it, you should send your files to the root folder of the game.
  • The next step will be to download the Dark Souls 3 mods that you want to use.
  • When your download is done, just send all the files from those mods to the same root folder.
  • Finally, you must run the game as administrator and enjoy.

tier list de Dark Souls

What are the best mods for Dark Souls 3?

Now that you know what Dark Souls 3 mods are and what you need to install them correctly. You are ready to know which ones are the best.

Hunter’s Combat

  • This mod allows players to utilize the firearm parry and visceral attacks present in Bloodborne, along with the use of four trick weapons:
    • The threaded cane.
    • Ludwig’s Holy Blade.
    • Sierra cleaver.
    • The Rakuyo.

Item Randomizer And Auto-Equip

  • This mod has a feature to auto-equip certain elements on the player:
    • The weapons.
    • Shield.
    • Armor.
    • Anything else.


  • By means of this mod graphic we can customize our images with:
    • Post-processing effects.
    • Texture replacements are at your fingertips.
    • Depth of field.
    • Motion blur.
    • Anisotropic filtering.

Wex Dust

  • Wex Dust are new elements incorporated into a mod that allows you to invade enemies from anywhere in the world while you are in the Firelink Sanctuary

The Convergence

  • In this mod they have been improved and / or incorporated:
    • The maps have been reworked to alter the geometry of the map.
    • New spells & amp; weapons.
    • New bosses serving an interesting challenge.
    • Reworking all schools of magic:
    • Sorcery.
    • Miracles.
    • Pyromancy

DS3 Ascended Mod RPG

  • This mod can be applied to slightly increase the difficulty of the game.

Pocket Souls

  • This mod aims to achieve:
    • New level of interactivity with the enemies of Dark Souls .
    • Allow players to capture them by using Abyssal Souls – the version of the mod on Pokéballs – and unleashing them on enemies in the game.
    • You could get:
    • A broken sword.
    • A demon hammer.
    • Each playthrough is very different thanks to this mod.

Enemy Randomizer

  • With this mod players will be able to experience a totally unique race.


  • What makes this mod pack allows players to summon enemy character stands, turning the game into a massive JoJo reference that is an absolute blast to play.


  • This mod aims to:
    • FP now regenerates. l
    • You can farm bosses after defeating them.
    • The global progression has been reviewed.
    • Add:
    • New weapons.
    • Spells.
    • Armor sets from other From Software games.
    • Dark Souls 2 Challenge Race rewards are back
    • Hundreds of balance changes

Champion’s Ashes

  • The objective of this mod focuses on reviewing the PvE aspect of the game:
    • New combat additions like feints.
    • Add a new strategy layer to the sandbox.
    • PvE enemies and bosses have also seen some changes.
    • They have adjusted the beam to reflect the alpha filtered screenshots.

Embrace The Darkness Reshade

  • The goal of this mod is to improve the atmosphere of Dark Souls 3 while staying true to the vanilla game.


  • The goal of this mod is to randomize enemies throughout the game.
  • These enemies can even include bosses or NPCs .
  • You can fight the cursed-rotten Greatwood in a small hallway.
  • Meet the enemies that undermine the life of Irythll Dungeon at the beginning of the game.
  • Bring back that sense of mystery and terror as the original games.

First Person Cam

  • Install this mod and it will convert the camera from a third person perspective to a first person one:
    • To take photos or play games in a unique way.
    • To have first person animations.

Visual Infusion Effects

  • Through this mod it is added:
    • Visual effects to infused weapons.
    • The power to choose to maximize different types of weapons.
    • Explore upgrade paths depending on what best suits your play style.
  • The weapons:
    • Fire now appear as if burning.
    • Poisonous have a purple glow.
    • Lightning bolts have that electrically charged appearance similar to the Nameless King’s Dragon Slayer Sword.
    • Additionally, you will be able to hack through bosses with a flaming sword.

Draw Distance Increased – ULTIMATE

  • This mod presents a great graphical update that does:
    • Make the game run smoother.
    • Improves the level of detail seen from a distance.
    • Textures do not take long to load when they are away from the character.
    • It looks much better.
    • That you can appreciate the landscapes, that is, the visual design of the game.

Spaghetti Penguin’s Enhanced Blood

  • The objective of this mod is:
    • Make blood and splatter effects more realistic.
    • Change the color of blood in the game by adding shades of crimson and dark red.
    • Overly bright spill effects and environment textures are now more realistic.

Color Clarity

  • With this mod it is achieved:
    • Make color clarity look better.
    • It does not completely change the appearance of the game.
    • The default wash appearance becomes much warmer.
    • Colors are now more vibrant making the world look more realistic.
    • Details in the pop environment are sharper.
    • Gameplay is not affected.
    • Shadows and brightness are not changed so everything remains so visible.


  • This mod is suitable for newbies since its difficulty is not infuriating and because it has:
    • Hp max polished.
    • FP.
    • Resistance.
    • Souls won.
    • HP regeneration.
    • Estus jars are not as crucial as they normally would be.
    • The Ring of Life and the Ring of the Greedy Silver Serpent now have stats.

Moonlight Greatsword Restored

  • Using this mod you can have the rarest swords in the DS3 game with their bright green glow

Darkdrift Reborn

  • Through this mod you can have Darkdrift , a weapon that is hidden in Dark Souls III with:
    • Multiple visual changes.
    • A black flame when used to strike.

Vulgar Bonfire Text Replacement

  • With this mod the feeling of achievement is improved when:
    • You finally get to that next checkpoint.
    • The light of a bonfire is seen as a hope, after repeatedly traversing the most difficult areas of the game.

Vulgar Death Message Replacement

  • Similar to the mod bonfire text replacement , vulgar death message replacement changes the game’s death text.

All PS4 Controller Icons for IGP11

  • This mod :
    • Replace all Xbox icons in the game with the correct PS4 icons.
    • It will help you stay alive, regardless of your choice of controller.

Ten (10) New Classes

  • Through this mod ten unique classes are added to the vanilla version of the game, such as:
    • Spear of the Church.
    • Knight:
      • of thorns.
      • Slave.
      • Wanderer.
    • Others.
  • Each class has:
    • A different set of starting stats-
    • New appearances.

Enable Classic Poise

  • With this mod you can:
    • Make poise stats work like previous Souls games.
    • Be useful if you love tank constructions.

Final recommendations on mods for Dark Souls 3

One of the most important things to know about Dark Souls 3 mods is that it is not recommended to install a huge variety in your game.

This will bring you a large number of problems ranging from a malfunction of your computer to generating a catastrophic error that prevents you from playing Dark Souls .

Therefore, use Dark Souls 3 mods very sparingly, especially when you don’t have a relatively powerful machine. It is also worth commenting that testing all Dark Souls builds is another way to fully enjoy this true gamer gem that awaits you.



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