The Best Dragon Age Inquisition Mods

An adventure like the one offered by all the games in the Dragon Age saga is hard to beat. But, over the years, we find a more common presence of Dragon Age Inquisition mods.

With them you will achieve that your experience in this game is, in a few words, amazing. Therefore, in HDGamers we will teach you everything you need to know about them in order to enter a new and more fun world in Dragon Age.

How do I install the Dragon Age Inquisition mods?

The first thing you should know to fully enjoy Dragon Age Inquisition mods is how they are installed. The truth is, it is a somewhat confusing process but here we bring you the step by step of how it is done.

So, to install all mods for this game, you just have to follow the instructions below:

  • The first thing you should do is download the Mod Manager.
  • While it installs, you can download the Dragon Age Inquisition mods that you want to use.
  • When you have it installed, run it as administrator.
  • Once opened, you will have to choose between two buttons.
    • The first one (the one on the left) will ask you to select the mods that you want to install.
    • On the other hand, the next button will ask you to select the Dragon Age Path located inside the game’s base folder.
  • Now, in the first window you will have to select the mods that you want to activate.
  • Finally, save the changes and wait a moment for the new configuration to load.
  • Close the program and start enjoying Dragon Age Inquisition.

mods de Dragon Age Inqisicion

What are the most updated Dragon Age Inquisition Mods?

Being such a popular RPG , it’s easy to imagine that the number of Dragon Age Inquisition mods stretches to infinity and beyond.

Therefore What are the ones that will give me the best gaming experience? Here, in HDGamers we will tell you which are the best mods to achieve it.

  • Conversation Camera Zoom.
  • HD Eye Texture.
  • Increase Inventory Capacity.
  • Ardent Blossom Misc Store.
  • Search Radius Increased.
  • Immersive Starting Armors.
  • Quicker Looting.
  • Multiple Romance.
  • War Table – No Waiting.
  • Trespasser Skyhold PJ Replacer and Schematics.
  • More Banter.
  • LL Crafting Material Fixes.
  • Assorted Hairstyles.
  • Side Braid with Bun.
  • No More Fog of War.
  • More Inquisition Levels.
  • MoreLoot – Remade.
  • Custom Body Models.
  • Armor – No Class Restrictions.

mods de Dragon Age Inqisicion

What characteristics do Dagron Age Inquisition Mods have?

We know that it is not enough just to know what the Dragon Age Inquisition mods are called that will give you the best performance in your game.

Therefore, in this second part of our guide we will tell you the most relevant characteristics of each of them. So make yourself comfortable because an incredible journey begins here.

Conversation Camera Zoom

With the implementation of this mod you will be able to:

  • Have a close personal conversation by making it feel like an animation rather than a game.
  • Create an immersive experience that works well with all the characters in the game.
  • Change the value of fov for normal conversations with:
    • Companions.
    • Quest givers.
    • Merchants.
    • Normal people.

HD Eye Texture

With the use of this mod you get:

  • Alter the textures of your Inquisitor’s eyes.
  • Change the vanilla eyes to a brighter texture with more eye clarity.

Increase Inventory Capacity

By installing this mod you achieve:

  • Increase the player’s inventory capacity.
  • That the player can set his inventory quantity limits between 400 to 32,767.
  • Carry much more things, albeit at the expense of your stamina.

Note: This mod only works on new games.

Ardent Blossom Misc Store

By installing this mod you will get:

  • Ardent Blossom (Remove level 19 requirement).
  • Respec Amulet.
  • Amulet of Power (Infinite Use).
  • Remove level restriction.
  • . All Qunari Vitaar and Mask (image)
  • Books of Power and Influence
  • More benefits per level.
  • Specialization search articles.
  • Inquisition requisition items:
  • Ferelden Lock.
  • Quarry.
  • Registration support.
  • Rare arms and legs update.
  • All Runes, Some Rings, Amulets and Belts from DLC.
  • All Centuries and some JOH DLC armor and weapon schematics.
  • Schemes of:
    • Dalish Armor
    • Armor.
    • Creature Essence.
    • Bianca and update.
    • All the amulets, belts and rings of vanilla game.
    • All jaw charms, belts and rings from hakkon DLC.

Search Radius Increased

This mod allows players to:

  • Set the search radius increase between 50% and 100%.
  • Remove the line of sight requirement that:
  • Block things that are too hard to reach.
  • They can be present on the opposite side of a wall.
  • They can collect items that are out of bounds.

Immersive Starting Armors

With the implementation of this mod you will be able to:

  • Changes the appearance of the mercenary coat that all characters start the game with to a different armor.
  • Add different starting armor skins for all races and classes.
  • No DLC required, except for Qunari and Intruder options.
  • Now includes multiplayer armor options.

Quicker Looting

If you’re in a rush when looting, this mod is the one for you as:

  • Disable the looting animation.
  • You don’t have to bend over and over again.
  • Allows you to save time during looting.
  • You will be able to loot more places.

Multiple Romance

If you believe yourself a Don Juan, this is the mod that you must install since you:

  • It allows you to choose up to eight characters, with different stories, whom you want to love at the same time within the game.
  • Expand the guidelines to indicate your sexual orientation.

Add two new traits:

  • Faithful .
  • Philanderer .
  • To infer the probability of a pawn cheating.
  • Add new activities:
  • Long walks as a date option for couples.
  • Add casual connections of joy for individual pawns.
  • Generally improves romantic behavior.
  • Encourage culture to matter.
  • Enable support for polyamory.
  • Balance penalties related to romance.
  • Rectify some difficulties in the code related to the romance of the Game.

War Table – No Waiting

  • By installing this mod you will eliminate the waiting time when playing war table missions, that is, you finish the missions in record time.
  • Additionally, advisors and agents may take some time to complete tasks.
  • So other players who require an advisor on other missions end up wasting their time, as tasks might not be completed.

Note: There is a mission called “Truth or Dare: Dangerous Game” that still takes a minute to complete due to a known bug.

Trespasser Skyhold PJ Replacer and Schematics

Using this mod you will be able to select and replace the clothes with the one of your choice from the variety of options available in Skyhold , such as:

    • Heavy armor suits and more.
  • Wedding dress with arminvisible adura.
  • Multiplayer armor.

More Banter

  • If you want to listen to jokes and make the game more fun, you must install the present mod, with which you will be sure to hear jokes every 15 minutes.

LL Crafting Material Fixes

If you like to modify or change your wardrobe, leaving the default designs, and you want to implement it in the game, we suggest you install this mod , with which you will achieve:

  • The change of patterns.
  • Color change.
  • Change of materials.
  • Modifying the textures.
  • The designs.
  • Improve resolution.

Assorted Hairstyles

  • Using this mod more than 5 different hairstyles to choose from for different genders and races.

Side Braid with Bun

Installing this mod of appearance change you achieve:

  • Replaces the harding hairstyle.
  • Make the mesh look fantastic.
  • Style is not clipped through Arbiter’s armor. The whole bun looks like it was made as part of the basic set.

Important observations about this mod :

  • Only available to elves and human females.
  • Does not work on:
    • The scenes of the Winter Palace.
    • The Crossroads.
    • The Black Emporium.

No More Fog of War

  • Use this mod to remove the fog from the game and thus remove the challenge of exploration and reveal the entire map, that is, the dark areas of the map disappear.

More Inquisition Levels

By installing this mod you will achieve:

  • Increase the range of the Inquisition from the standard limit from 20 to 30.
  • That the players obtain 34 profit points in the game.
  • Unlock all possible Inquisition buffs.

Note: This inquisition level mod does not work with the burning flower shop.

MoreLoot – Remade

With the installation of this mod you achieve:

  • Have the random loot generator update so that enemies drop more items and gold once they are killed.
  • Change the loot tables to increase the drop rate of:
    • Gold.
    • Armor.
    • Weapons.
    • Other elements:
    • Schematics.
    • Crafting materials in the chests.

Custom Body Models

By implementing this mod you will be able to:

  • Let your imagination run wild to choose and select the body of the characters.
  • Change physique from curvy, athletic, or standard body type.
  • Customize your inquisitor’s body mail.

Important remarks about this mod:

Until now, it can only be used to:

  • Elves male and female.
  • Qunari .
  • Human females.
  • Dwarves.

Armor – No Class Restrictions

By installing this mod you achieve:

  • Remove class restrictions from reinforcing bars.
  • Create a really strong army.
  • Make armor more easily using Tier 4 materials.
  • But the level restrictions will still apply.
  • To remove the above restrictions, you would have to get a different mod.

Final recommendations on Dragon Age Inquisition mods

Before you rush out to install all these Dragon Age Inquisition mods and enjoy a great adventure, it is extremely important that you know a few things.

The first one is that when installing them, the Dragon Age Path must always be activated. Otherwise, you will do nothing.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that most mods will consume additional resources on your computer. Consequently, make sure you have a little more power in your team.

Likewise, if you want to reach an optimal level of play, we recommend you review all the builds of Dragon Age Inquisition and thus know how to create the most powerful characters in the game.

To finish with the Dragon Age Inquisition mods topic, there is little we can add at this point. So get out there and keep goingfruit of that immense gamer passion that unites us .

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