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In the gamer universe there is always room for games like Grim Dawn that provide us with great hours of fun and entertainment. But, if you are looking to improve the experience of this great story, in HDGamers we tell you that you can achieve it with the mods of Grim Dawn .

If we see it from a more general perspective, we are sure to tell you that the improvement in the game is incredible Still don’t believe us? Join us to show you everything they will do for you.

How are Grim Dawn mods installed? ¨

To start talking about mods Grim Dawn it is important to start from a solid base of knowledge. Consequently, we are going to teach you the first steps to enjoy these incredible options.

That said, the most relevant thing you need to learn right now is how to install mods from Grim Dawn . The truth is that it is quite simple to achieve, as simple as following these steps that we are going to enunciate:

  • Download the mod from Grim Dawn. These will generally come in compressed files.
  • Next, you must unzip it.
  • Our recommendation is that you do it directly in the mods folder of the game. If it doesn’t exist, you’ll have to create one.
  • Finally, run the game as administrator and enjoy.

mods de Grim Dawn

What are the best mods of Grim Dawn?

IF you already start to feel that need to play with mods by Grim Dawn and start looking for them, you will be in for a big surprise. After all, a game with more than a decade on the market has a fairly wide range of options.

So How to decide which mods to use? This is where HDGamers comes into the picture. The reason for this is that we have compiled an incredible selection with the best mods of Grim Dawn and we present it to you below.

Grim Dawn Speedrun

  • By installing this mod you achieve that:
    • Double the execution speed of the players.
    • Pets are doubled so they can catch up with their masters.
    • When the player’s level is higher, the monster’s level has been removed.
    • The monsters’ faction points have been increased to 10 times more.
    • Almost all magical and rare items are prefixed and suffixed now.
    • The Devotion Cap has been increased to 166.
    • All the shrines are worth finding.


  • With the activation of this mod you will achieve:
    • New classes:
      • Stalker.
      • Maleficent.
      • Thaumaturge.
      • Grove Keeper.
      • Paragon.
    • Adjustments in the leveling systems.
    • Skill of the game for a better experience.
    • Add new equipment for loot and crafting.

Grim Truce Mod

  • This mod is for those who play with a controller.
    • Completely change the combat system and abilities so that it works the same as Dark Souls.
    • You will also experience roguelike penalties such as losing all your experience points upon death.

Larger Cursors

  • Using this mod improves visibility at high resolutions and therefore:
    • You can avoid straining your eyes during long gaming sessions.
    • It is a must when playing at the highest possible resolutions.

PlayStation Button Prompts

  • By installing this mod you will be able to:
    • Replaces the default controller button prompts with the PlayStation-style controller prompts.

Not So Grim

  • By installing this mod you achieve:
    • Make the game less grim.
    • Make the game a little easier.
    • Create and test builds.
    • Items are now collected automatically.
    • Access to larger stash to store.
    • Sell themDoors now have more extensive item selections.

Note: This mod will only work if you have Ashes of Malmouth installed. It also won’t work with your not_so_grim characters made before AoM.

Diablo 3 Classes

  • By using this mod you get:
    • Dozens of Diablo III gear sets.
    • New bosses for the Diablo franchise.
    • New cosmetics.
    • New two-handed weapons for cross dominance.
    • New Sets:
    • Royalties of Mundunugu .
    • Typhoon’s Veil (3 Hydras).
    • Seeker of Light.
    • Inna’s Mantra (4 Mystic Allies).
    • Spirit of Arachyr.


  • As this mod is a compilation of other mods , when you activate it you will get:
  • An increase in the size of the caravan stash.
  • A way to multiply how many heroes you find.
  • Original Masteries.
  • You can buy various illusions to hide his helmet and show a hairstyle instead.
  • Some new things to Shattered Realm to grind.
  • A new blacksmith who can craft components that grant abilities from legendary items.

Note: Forgotten Gods and Ashes of Malmouth are required. Without them various aspects of the mod will not work.

Path of Grim Dawn

  • This mod adjusts:
    • The speed limit of the player
    • Cooling times
    • The density of the mafia to make the game a more intense experience.
  • Add:
    • Some PoE abilities that go well with tight pacing.
    • New cosmetic auras.
  • Removed:
    • The wrong layout maps:
    • Mine Field.
    • Treasure Traps.
    • Malmouth Slums.
    • Soulbound by Augments.

Dawn of Masteries

  • By enabling this mod you add:
    • Additional masteries from other mods such as:
      • Cataclysm.
      • Diablo 2.
      • Diablo 3.
      • Grim Quest.
      • NCFF.
      • Zenith.

Aetherial ReShade

  • This mod is a tool used to improve the graphic quality of an image, without exhausting:
    • The performance.
    • The effects in the game.
    • Increase:
    • The contrast.
    • Saturation.
    • Sharpens:
    • The images.
    • The textures.

builds de Grim Dawn

Warhammer 40,000 Global Conversion

  • This mod is a global conversion from the game Grim Dawn to the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
    • Added:
      • New skills for:
      • Articles.
      • Weapons.
      • More than 70 new visual effects for each:
      • Type of weapon.
      • Glows.
      • Skills.
      • The effect of shooting projectiles
      • About 40 new animations were added.
      • Lots of game sounds for weapons, footsteps and more.
      • More than 500 icons to display items in inventory and stores.

Faster Loot

  • Through this mod you achieve:
    • Increase drop rate for Heroic Loot and Big Loot Epic and Legendary teams.
    • Treasury drop rates Logherrean .
    • The game is more player friendly.

Better Levels

  • Through this mod you achieve:
    • Improve levels.
    • Make the progression faster.
    • Get more than double the experience of killing monsters.
    • That with each level you will get three attribute points to distribute among your statistics.
    • Have more control over the construction of your character.
    • That the devotion limit is also increased to 200.
  • Also:
    • Level requirements for equipment have been removed.
    • The overall experience has been streamlined.
    • It’s great for new and veteran players alike.

Grim Quest

  • This is a mod converting all the dominations of Titan Quest and provides:
    • TQ masteries and their abilities.
    • Precise reproduction of visual and audio effects.


  • Activating this mod will:
    • Remove the Grim Dawn routine.
    • Modify each path of progression other than the actual campaign.
    • Increase drop rates in epics and legends.
    • Skill point system frontloaded.
    • They have more building options at a faster rate.
    • Removed item level requirements for most articles.
    • The amount of the iron bit drop has been improved.
    • Other QoL improvements.
    • They will get all five bag slots from scratch.

Grim Dawn Reborn

  • When you install this mod you have a revision of:
    • Class.
    • Skills.
    • Detailing.
    • Loot.
    • Monsters.
    • Visual elements.
    • Pets.

Item Assistant

  • By installing this mod you achieve:
    • Store unlimited number of articles and quickly find them based on name.
    • Sort the elements according to the type of damage.
    • Defensive stats.
    • The class plus skills.

Grim Legion

  • Installing this mod you do that:
    • The game is more challenging without changing its essence.
    • Be faster and more action packed.
    • Increase the density of the mob.
    • The boss spawn setting.
    • Add some more superbosses .
    • Masteries have also been reworked.
    • The high level limit.
    • All Shrines of Devotion are active on every difficulty.

Note: Just keep in mind that they are all corrupt spawners now, so come prepared.


  • Installing this mod you achieve:
    • A campaign lasting more than 12 hours.
    • Speed ​​to build a character due to higher drop and experience rates.
    • Hub (s), where you can buy equipment and test your build on unfortunate training mannequins.

Grim Internals

  • This mod contains a set of quality of life changes for either:
    • When it comes to looting.
    • Combine Components
    • Rare items.
    • Show health bars.
    • Skill cooldowns.
    • Fans.
    • Track experience and DPS.

Smash N Grab

  • This mod allows:
    • Make leveling faster.
    • Reduce the number of experience points required.
    • Increase the chance of finding epic and legendary items.
    • Award more iron and devotion points.
    • Alter the skill system.
    • Obtaining all desired abilities.


  • The mod brings a set of changes:
    • There are more monsters.
    • Champions.
    • Heroes spawning.
    • Your character gets more skill points and attributes.
    • Items no longer come with a level requirement.
    • Set amounts of attributes must be equipped.
    • Your character has been reduced:
    • The damage.
    • The XP gain.

Latest recommendations on the mods of Grim Dawn

Before letting you go to enjoy this great story, let us give you some tips so that you do not suffer problems with mods Grim Dawn .

First of all, it is extremely important that the folders and names of the mod are not repeated during installation. If this happens, you did something really wrong . But don’t worry, to fix it you just have to delete the file or folder that is duplicated.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t overdo it by installing a massive sum of mods from Grim Dawn . This will cause an error to occur in the game or that the performance of your team is quite bad , remember that allThese mods bring certain requirements for the system.

Finally, although it has nothing to do with the mods of Grim Dawn , it does not hurt to study a little about the game. In this sense, we recommend you review our tier list of Grim Dawn . In this way, you will be able to face the challenges of this great story in the best possible way. That said, the only thing left for us to tell you is go play and enjoy this incredible game that awaits you.

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